Must-see: Chamrousse summer season Top 10


Top 10 summer activities in Chamrousse

Chamrousse is a cool mountain destination for the summer (or to ski for the winter).
What’s up in Chamrousse during summer? Come and escape the heat wave from the valley and enjoy outdoor activities and the great landscapes: for your family vacation with children or grandchildren, for a quiet stay or an unusual weekend as a couple, but also for a sporting day in band or a festive time with friends.

In short, discover the must-sees of Chamrousse in summer!
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Family holidays

To discover the mountain and rediscover yourself
Programme: multi-activities, sharing and first fun experiences!

1) Hiking trails

Nature & summit: pedestrian paths to discover the Croix de Chamrousse at an altitude of over 2,250 metres, with incredible views enhanced by the new lookouts, the Himalayan footbridge and the giant zipline! Easy access to the Panoramic Park via the Croix gondola from Chamrousse 1650 - Recoin.
Or discover the lakes of Chamrousse and its picnic areas with the most accessible family hike: Vallons lake. An introduction to mountain hiking starting from Chamrousse 1750 - Roche Béranger (45 minutes with only 50 meters vertical drop). The arrival at the lake invits you to relaxation, just bring your picnic and lay back in the shade of the trees.
Must-have: the summer "hiking star" medal for children!

2) Chamrousse Kids

Fun activities: do not miss the inflatable play park for children and its relaxation area for parents. Chamrousse Kids is a “must-do” for afternoons filled with fun and energy for your little athletes from 3 to 12 years old. Ticket on sale at Tourist Offices.
New: the pool with water games for more freshness!
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3) Pony ride

Animal & nature: take along your child for a horseback ride in the enchanting landscapes of the Arselle plateau (Chamrousse 1600), this is the ultimate family outing. A great adventure that allows you to develop both motor skills and balance with the friendly company of a pony.
Discovery: the peatbog of the Arselle plateau with its breathtaking view of the Taillefer.

4) Haribo candy hunt or Chamrousse en Piste

Conviviality & sharing: discover the summer event for families which occurs since more than 10 years now. "Chamrousse en Piste festival" is a mountain street arts festival combining circus, street theater, magical tricks... with outdoor shows and initiation to the circus arts.
Or take part in the emblematic family activity of Chamrousse in summertime, the Haribo candy hunt. Encourage your child to resolve the puzzles in order to win the famous gourmet rewards.
Must-do: the mini version for children from 2 to 4 years old.

Romantic stay

For unforgettable memories or to enjoy the effortless escape.
Programme: discovery and unusual experiences.
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5) Achard lake

> Discovery version: walk along the flora and refresh yourself on the shores of Achard lake. Easy access to the top of the resort by the "Croix de Chamrousse" gondola / cable car for a gentle physical activity: a downhill hike to Achard lake and the ski station and a great escape to avoid the heat of the city.
> Unusual version: hike to Achard lake and spend a sensational night in portaledge overlooking the cliff. This impressive wall tent adventure is an opportunity to tame the wild mountain night and get closer to the stars.
>> Warning: Achard lake is a sensitive natural area preserved and protected, victim of its over-frequentation. Swimming, fires, camping are prohibited at Achard lake and bivouacs are forbidden there from May to October (+ in the Infernet area).
Unmissable: the forest also called the "cembraie" and its remarkable trees including the famous Cembro pine.

6) Robert lakes

> Discovery version: learn about mountain hiking with the Robert lakes loop from the top of the "Croix de Chamrousse" gondola / cable car. After the tour of the lakes, two options: loop up the slope to take the cable car or continue downhill to end the hike towards Chamrousse 1650 - Recoin by the North breach (route twice as long).
> Unusual version: take the hike to Robert lakes to meet wildlife and rediscover these lakes for an unusual night in a bivouac. Admire the sunset and enjoy the starry night near these emblematic lakes which are the natural heritage of the 7 wonders of Chamrousse.
Unmissable: an exceptional environment at the gates of the high mountains.


Sports day in group

Live beautiful sporting moments and enjoy the great outdoors
Programme: wide open spaces and first sensation experiences!
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7) Giant zipline

Don't miss the world's largest pylon zip line! A unique experience from the top to the bottom of the resort (from the Croix de Chamrousse to Recoin) to discover solo or in pairs! Book your Adrenaline Park slot online now (caution website only in French).
Must-see: the incredible view with the opportunity to buy a souvenir photo

8) Tree adventure or Via ferrata paths

Take some height: sensations guaranteed with the adventure course in the trees suitable for all ages. Evolve in the heart of nature and experience strong emotions with the zip line or the Tarzan jump... A vertiginous experience in complete safety.
Or push your limits with the two via ferrata paths in Chamrousse. This activity close to climbing offers you thrills with the monkey bridge or the Nepalese footbridge... Has to be discovered accompanied by a guide or rediscover independently. Mandatory equipment with possible rental in the ski station and good physical condition are required.
Must-see: the lakes view and the panoramic bench of the "3 Fontaines" via ferrata

9) Wakeboard or paddle

A mountain of refreshing sensations: enjoy a choice of water sports activities on skis, in a buoy, on a surfboard or on a stand-up board, for a crazy session on Chamrousse's artificial lakes. Meet up at Grenouillère lake in Chamrousse 1650 - Recoin to (re)discover water skiing and at Lauze lake in Chamrousse 1750 - Roche Béranger for stand up paddle.
❤ A little extra: the "Les pieds dans l'eau" refreshment area for a snack bar break.


Special festive adventure for young people

Share thrills with friends
Do not miss: first urban experiences in the mountains!
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10) VTT tracks of the Bike Park

Thrills & wide open spaces: experience downhill mountain biking or off-road scooters on the trails of the Bike Park in Chamrousse. An extra-ordinary sporting break for riders in an exceptional natural setting.
Unmissable: great places for tricks with beautiful panoramic photos and videos

(Bonus) Bowl and pumptrack

Conviviality & unusual experience: on the shores of the Grenouillère Lake, skate on the highest bowl in Europe at 1,650 meters above sea level with the mountain landscapes and the frogs sound environment. And to vary the pleasures, take advantage of the nearby sliding area: skatepark and pumptrack modules.
Must-see: the breathtaking view of the Grenouillère lake

As a sum up, activities and leisures for all ages and tastes in Chamrousse: gentle or sporting, extra-ordinary and festive adventures!
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