"Flocon Vert" label

Flocon Vert

Flocon Vert label

Chamrousse resort obtain the Flocon Vert label in January 2017, being the first resort in Isere region to receive it.

Every year different sustainable projects are done as the event Chamrousse Propre made to collect rubbish left in nature or as recycling skis.

What is the Flocon Vert label ?

Flocon Vert is a label which guarantee the sustainable investment of mountain touristic destinations.
This label is awarded by Mountain Riders organisation to give to mountain lovers the oportunity to know which are exemplary touristic destinations.

Chamrousse présents you it last sustainable development actions :

Winter 2018-19 :
  • Double uses bins - autumn : Natural ressources & ecology > Wastes
To invit tourist to sorts, bins are with a recyclable wastes side and with domestic wastes to the other side. They are located in the different parts of the resort.
Discover all the sustainable actions made in Chamrousse for the Flocon Vert label in the webpage called : Sustainable development actions.

For more informations, please contact our Tourist Office at : + 33 (0)4 76 89 92 65 or by email.
Flocon Vert Chamrousse manager : Mrs Sophie Delastre (Tawn hall) and Mr Sylvain Darcillon (Tourist office)