Chamrousse Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions. Our answers. Find the answers of your questions frequently asked in Chamrousse in our FAQ.

Practical questions

Find the main information about Chamrousse in every season: parking, WIFI, toilets, pets, lakes, lost objects, babies... but also the information about winter season.

  • Are Chamrousse car parks free?
No, during the winter season parking spaces near the snow fronts are subject to a charge, but during the rest of the year (outside winter) all parking spaces are free. Do not hesitate to park your car far from the slopes, especially in the days of high frequentation. Indeed, our free buses are going in every part of the station in order to go to the snow fronts.
  • Is there WIFI in Chamrousse?
Yes, you can enjoy a free access to the WIFI in all of our poles in the station. You just have to connect to the network “Internet Here Chamrousse“ and give your e-mail. You can find our WIFI spaces for your holidays on our map of station.
  • Where are the toilets open to the people in Chamrousse?          
    • In Chamrousse 1650 - Recoin: from the Office of Tourism, cross the main place and the toilets in free access are just after the metallic stairs on the left of the lift bulding.
    • In Chamrousse 1750 - Roche Béranger: automatic toilets are outside of the commercial gallery, behind the desk of the ESF (French Skiing School) and you have also free toilets next to the chairlift of Bachat-Bouloud.
    • In Chamrousse 1700 - Villages du Bachat: the free toilets are close to the skipass sale point in the snow front.  
    • A Chamrousse 1600 - Plateau de l'Arselle (Nordic Park in winter): the toilets in free access are inside of the room “hors-sac“.
  • Are dogs accepted in the Chamrousse resort?
    • In winter: yes, dogs on a leash are allowed on the Chamrousse 1750 - Achard lake snowshoe trail and on the connecting paths between the different poles of the Chamrousse resort: 1650 - Recoin <-> Chamrousse 1750 - Roche Béranger <-> Chamrousse station 1600 - Arselle plateau. But on the other hand, dogs are prohibited on all places with working dogs: the slopes of the Alpine ski domain, the Nordic domain at the Plateau de l'Arselle and the skilifts. So the Croix gondola at Chamrousse 1650 is forbidden to dogs.
    • In summer: yes, the Croix gondola in Chamrousse 1650 - Recoin is accessible to dogs on a leash as well as the entire Chamrousse mountain area.
    • In the free resort shuttles: no, dogs are not tolerated in the Chamrousse shuttles since winter 2020.
  • Can we go to the Chamrousse lakes (Robert lakes, Achard lake)?
    • In winter: no, pedestrian access is prohibited to Robert lakes (unsecured mountain area), the only paying way to access it is to go by the slopes by skiing, or to participate to the activity of ice diving. However, yes for the Achard lake you can go there free of charge for hiking, snowshoeing or ski touring on the marked and secure routes provided for this purpose (be careful with a frozen lake and in the snow).
    • By car: no, the only people authorized to climb our mountains by car are our technical services in winter and summer. The lakes and all the other natural areas of Chamrousse are only accessible by foot in summer, and by ski or snowshoe in winter.
    • In summer: yes of course walking or with a paying lift (Croix gondola and Bachat chairlift). Some instructions to follow: walking shoes recommended, dogs on a leash, anticipate weather conditions, do not overestimate your physical capacities, bring a backpack with water bottle, snack, cap and sunscreen
  • Who to contact for a lost item in Chamrousse? The Chamrousse Tourist Office is in charge of lost / found items. You can contact them at any time to report a loss or bring back an object found on +33 (0)4 76 89 92 65 or by email via the contact form.
  • Can I go up to Chamrousse with my baby?
Yes, you can go to the mountains with a healthy infant. However, to protect your young child from possible earache due to the difference in atmospheric pressure in altitude, we recommend that you take breaks to perform one or more “decompression” stops of approximately 10 minutes uphill and downhill. For information, there is a minimum of 1,400 meters in altitude between the valley and the resort of Chamrousse.
  • Can my baby take the Chamrousse gondola?
No, it's not recommended to take the gondola with a child under 18 months old because the eardrums of newborns are fragiles and the gondola cannot take a break during the 600 meters of vertical drop in one go (start 1650m - finish 2250m).

  • Do you need snow tires to go up to Chamrousse in winter?
Yes since the French mountain law came into force, for your safety it is compulsory for your vehicle to be equipped with snow tyres or chains / snow socks in your boot throughout the winter season from November to April.
Chamrousse is located at an altitude of more than 1650m, the risk of snow in the resort is frequent in winter and a snowfall not predicted by the weather can complicate your trips without specific equipment (on your arrival or for the return).
  • Is there a free area with a mat to teach my child to ski in Chamrousse? [except Covid-19 period]
No, the only carpets present in the resort belong to the ski school (ESF) or the Chamrousse ski lifts. This is the case, for example, with the Lauze conveyor belt in Chamrousse 1750 - Roche Béranger at the rear of the shopping mall, which is a ski lift only intended to reach the Bachat-Bouloud slope. By taking this mat, you cannot go back down where you took it at the beginning.
To teach your child to ski, you have the possibility of taking a "toddler" skipass offered up to the age of 4 and start slowly with the ski lifts and chairlifts in the beginner's areas.
  • Is there a picnic room on the ski slopes (Chamrousse alpine ski area)?
Yes, from winter 2023, there is a room for shelter or a picnic in the alpine ski area (like the Nordic area for cross-country skiers). It is located in Chamrousse 1750 - Roche Béranger near the snow front towards the "Les Marmots" childcare.
  • Will there be snow in Chamrousse this winter?
We do not have a way to accurately predict the weather and snow conditions and therefore cannot answer this question. Indeed, as for each territory, the years are extremely variable. But we make sure that the resort and the slopes open from December to mid-April in order to let you enjoy the most of the ski area.
  • Is a mask compulsory in Chamrousse?
Yes, wearing a mask is compulsory from 6 years old in the gondola (recommanded in chairlift, draglift and waiting lines), shuttles or buses. It's recommanded in the shops, tourist offices, restaurants, pubs, accommodations and cultural places.
+ Compulsory health pass from 12 years in the Alpine ski area only, restaurants, cultural venues and some accommodation and always with respect to barrier gestures and social distancing.
The obligation to wear a mask does not apply to people with disabilities who have a medical certificate justifying this exemption.
  • Is the mask compulsory on the hiking trails or on the slopes?
No, wearing a mask is not compulsory in the mountains, as long as the person exercises a physical activity requiring an effort like skiing, hikiing (by foot, snowshoes, ski...) or that he moves with a means of locomotion with two non-motorized wheels (bicycle, mountain bike, scooter…) [article 2 of the municipal decree].
  • Is the curfew in effect in Chamrousse?
Yes, the Chamrousse resort, like the whole of France, is subject to a curfew, at the time set by the government you have to be at home.
  • Are the masks sold at the Tourist office up to the standards recommended by the government?
Yes, the mask and buff sold at the Office store in Chamrousse comply with Afnor standards (category 1 certified fabric). They guarantee a high level of filtration and are protective up to 50 washes.
  • Is there a Covid-19 screening center in Chamrousse?
No, an antigenic covid test centre was only open until February, 11th 2022 every day from 9am to 1pm at the Arlésienne centre, 139 Rue des Chardons Bleues in Chamrousse 1750 - Roche Béranger.
But you can go to the nearest Oriade laboratories located in Domène (38420), Eybens (38320), Vizille (38220) or St Ismier (38330). The government-provided telephone service will help you choose the preferable testing center at a specific time: 0 893 045 800.
For more information, we invite you to contact the reception of the Tourist Office on +33 (0)4 76 89 92 65 or by email using the contact form.

BONUS - Unusual questions:

  • Where can I take ski and snowboard lessons if there is no more room at ESF Chamrousse? At the "Ski Plaisir" ski school or the "Gabriel Bessy" snowboard school.
  • Where can I find a ski locker?
  • Where is the practice of yooner and snooc authorized? The yooner, paret and snooc (equipped with a leash) are tolerated on the slopes of Chamrousse accessible via the gondola from La Croix to Chamrousse 1650 - Recoin and is practiced especially during supervised outings with Chamrousse Oxygène. Otherwise, yonner and snooc are allowed on the Gaboureaux chairlift only as part of a reservation for the Luge Park. See Chamrousse shops for yooner rental.
  • Where is the practice of snowscoot allowed? Snowscoot is authorized on downhill ski slopes served by the Chamrousse lifts, except for draglifts, carpets and Robert lakes chairlift. See Chamrousse shops for snowscoot rental.
  • Where is the practice of baby snow authorized? Baby snow (mini snowboard with seat equipped with a scooter handlebar) is tolerated on the Croisette skilift in Chamrousse 1750 - Roche Béranger.
  • Where can I find a raclette / fondue machine? [excluding Covid-19 period]

Family - Children
  • Where can you find a drinking water point in Chamrousse?
    • Chamrousse 1650 - Recoin: at the public toilets and at the leisure area of ​​La Grenouillère
    • Chamrousse 1750 - Roche Béranger: at the public toilets, at the Chamrousse Kids chalet (summer) / kindergarten (winter) and at the Town Hall
    • Chamrousse 1700 - Villages du Bachat: to the public toilets
    • Chamrousse 1600 - Plateau de l'Arselle: in the toilets of the picnic room