Must-see: Chamrousse winter season Top 10


Top 10 winter activities in Chamrousse

Chamrousse is the mountain and ski destination for winter (in addition to hiking and biking in summer).
What to do in Chamrousse in winter? Come and discover the joys of the snow and enjoy outdoor activities and wide open spaces: for your family holidays with children or grandchildren, for a quiet stay or an unusual weekend for a couple, but also for a sports day with your family or a more festive day with friends.

In short, discover Chamrousse's must-sees in winter!
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Family holidays

To discover the mountains and rediscover yourself
On the programme: multi-activities, sharing and first playful experiences!

1) Snowshoeing

Nature & contemplation: discover the Chamrousse forest with the most enchanting hike, the Clairières loop. A mountain walk starting from Chamrousse 1600 - Arselle plateau (1 hour and 30 minutes with only 80 metres of difference in altitude). Trees, stream, snow... this is the perfect family outing!
Must-see: hire a mountain guide to go on a wildlife discovery tour
To vary the pleasures: free walking tour with the photo rally or a fun version with the escape game

2) Dogsledging

Animal & nature: don't miss the meeting with the sled dogs and a unique moment of sliding to share with the family. An unforgettable sled dog baptism in an exceptional setting.
Favorite: the magnificent landscape of the Arselle plateau like a little Canada!
Don't miss your chance: an activity to be booked well in advance, as it is very popular with Chamrousse adventurers
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3) Swimming pool and ice rink

Conviviality & sharing: discover winter activities with sessions specifically dedicated to families, accompany your child for a family slot at the spa pool or the ice rink in Chamrousse 1650 - Recoin.
Discovery: the joys of sliding outdoor or the benefits of water indoor, there is something for everyone!
To vary the pleasures: ice rink entertainment like musical evenings...

4) Snowtubing

Glide & fun: guaranteed sliding sensations with the Tube Park, this new activity without skiing, but with a snow buoy. It is an easy ascent thanks to the snow wire and a sensational and fun descent on a dedicated track. Alone, side by side, or with several people in single file, ... go for it!
Little extra: baby park, a sliding area for children from 2 years old
To vary the pleasures: jumping area with an air bag for older children

5) Heritage and Environment centre

Environment & culture: visit the emblematic mountain place for the family, the Environment centre. Awaken your child's curiosity and thirst for discovery about the exceptional environment around them with an outdoor educational itinerary and route or an indoor exhibition.
Must-see: special family animation and awareness workshop for the holidays
To vary the pleasures: a bit of culture with films in the cinema and library activities

Romantic stay

For unforgettable memories or to enjoy the effortless escape
On the programme: discovery and unusual experience
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6) Spa

> Discovery version: come and relax in the swimming pool, the whirlpool and the sauna of the spa les Bains de Chamrousse.
> Unusual version: treat yourself to a privileged moment of well-being at the Chamrousse spa.
Unmissable: a bubble of relaxation and well-being with a view
To vary the pleasures: take care of yourself with a soothing massage

7) Adventure games

> Discovery version: another way to discover Chamrousse with the "Aventure perchée" escape game / city game in the open air. Go in search of clues to find Léo (brother of Téo, the resort mascot) who has disappeared, a fun smartphone experience on sale at Tourist Offices.
> Unusual version: an innovative and educational game, the Explor games® from the resort at 1650 m to the summit at 2250 m by the Croix gondola.
Favorite: an immersive walk in the forest with the city game / the gondola ride up and the panoramic view over the valley at the top of Chamrousse for the Explor games
To vary the pleasures: a mountain of fun games to try out at all ages


Sports day with your family

Experience great sporting moments and enjoy the fresh air
On the programme: wide open spaces and first sensations!
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8) Ice diving

Unusual activity: go under the ice and experience strong emotions in total immersion... Ice diving is an extreme sporting experience to be enjoyed in complete safety supervised by a professional in an exceptional landscape.
Point of interest: underwater in the Robert lakes, but also above at the gates of the high mountains
To vary the pleasures: climbing version with the ice fall

9) Giant zipline

Take to the skies: experience the unique sensation of flying over snow-covered landscapes with the Adrenaline Park, for an unforgettable winter adventure that combines the adrenalin and charm of the Chamrousse mountains with breathtaking views of the Alps.
Favourite: discover or give a gift voucher for the world's longest pylon zip line!
Don't miss your chance: book your slot online in advance (caution website only in French)

Festive adventure for young people

Share thrills with friends
On the programme: first urban experiences in the mountains!
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10) Snowmobile

Sensations & wide open spaces: experience a snowmobile ride with friends, an unusual adventure in the heart of the forest and on the closed trails to the top of the resort. Sensation and fun guaranteed for an unforgettable moment.
Unmissable: at sunset with beautiful panoramic photos and videos
To vary the pleasures: four-wheel version with ice driving

(Bonus) Sunset time skiing or sledding / snooc

Unusual experience & sensations: new adventure, sunset skiing, sunset sledging or snooc (new hybrid machine between ski and sled) on the lit slopes of Chamrousse. Unusual thrills for your greatest pleasure!
A must: use the Chamrousse mobile app to record your best runs and challenge yourself with geolocation
To vary the pleasures: yooner version at the closing of the slopes for the biggest descent of the resort

In conclusion, activities and leisure activities for all ages and tastes in Chamrousse: gentle or sporting adventures, unusual and festive!
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