5 good reasons to take a refreshing break in Chamrousse!


A refreshing mountain experience!

It's time to discover or rediscover Grenoble and its mountains, especially the peaks, in a different, cooler way in summer.
You're dying of heat in Grenoble city, but aren't the mountains just for sporty types? Not at Chamrousse, to your delight!

Do you like lakes? Do you love nature? Then you'll love taking a refreshing break for a summer's day or more in Chamrousse!
What if this summer was an opportunity for you? An opportunity to discover the mountains in a different way, a chance to experience new adventures, and perhaps even to rediscover yourself?
Top 5 reasons to come to Chamrousse during the heatwave!
  • Chamrousse Robert lakes summer mountain resort grenoble belledonne isere french alps france - © Ann David

1) A pleasant temperature

What can you do when it's too hot in Grenoble? Go up to Chamrousse for a refreshing break, of course!
You're stuck in the Grenoble valley by a heatwave and it's not even the holidays yet, or they're already over. Don't panic, we've got the solution for you: anticipate or extend your holiday with the coolness of Chamrousse. There's an average difference of 10°C between Grenoble and Chamrousse, so when it's 35°C in the valley, it's around 25°C in our beautiful resort. See you soon, we're ready to welcome you!

Good plan: a quick look at the webcams before going up to check the weather.
Little extra: there's even the current temperature shown on the Météo Chamrousse webcam at Chamrousse 1800

2) An accessible summit

Which mountain peak near Grenoble is easily accessible?  La Croix de Chamrousse, of course.
The resort's summit, at an altitude of over 2,250 metres, can be reached in less than 10 minutes by gondola from Chamrousse 1650 - Recoin or in less than 2 hours by foot from Chamrousse 1750 - Roche Béranger. What's more, the Panoramic Park offers easy walks with belvederes overlooking the town, the peaks and the lakes, as well as a new giant zip line and a Himalayan footbridge. Not forgetting the picnic area with plancha or the altitude restaurant at La Croix...

Good plan: free fun game from the resort on smartphone Chamrousse Explor Games to motivate your children or teenagers
Objective: a mountain for all, accessible to all!
  • Chamrousse map panoramic park cross summit summer mountain resort grenoble belledonne isère alpes france - © MDP
  • Chamrousse panoramic park cross summit summer mountain resort grenoble belledonne isère alpes france - © YV - OT Chamrousse

3) Lakes and adventures with lake or waterfall views

What hike can you take to see a beautiful lake near Grenoble? In which lake can you swim near Grenoble in Chamrousse? The Robert lakes, with the option of taking the gondola up, seeing the new Himalayan footbridge and the Belledonne belvedere for incredible views.
There are several lakes in Chamrousse, some of which are protected natural sites to be preserved and respected. And what better way to discover these jewels than to do a bit of sport: walking, hiking, trail running, climbing, via ferrata, fishing... with a view over the lake and mountains.
  • Natural lakes:
    • Achard lake (Sensitive Natural Area + Natura 2000 site): ✔️ Dog on lead and bivouac authorised from sunset to sunrise (except from 1 May to 30 October during the summer overcrowding period) ❌ Bivouac in from May to October, camping, fires, fishing and swimming, tree picking and cutting prohibited.
    • Robert lakes (Natura 2000 site): ✔️ Bivouac from sunset until sunrise and fishing permitted. ❌ Fires prohibited (excluding stoves).
    • Pourettes small lake (Natura 2000 site): ✔️ Bivouac authorised from sunset until sunrise / Recommended: walk on the developed paths. ❌ Fires prohibited (excluding stoves).
    • Lakes in the direction of the Pra mountain hut (Natura 2000 site): Léama lake, Longet lake, Bernard lake, Claret lake... ✔️ Bivouac authorised from sunset to sunrise (outside the refuge area, Claret and Merlat lakes) / Recommended: hiking on developed paths and dog on a lead especially near herds with patous (protection and defence dogs). ❌ Fires prohibited (excluding stoves) and bivouacs under the La Pra refuge (from 15 July to 31 August) and around Lacs Claret and Merlat (all year round).
  • Reservoir lakes: Lauze lake, Grenouillère lake and Vallons lake
  • Waterfall: Oursière waterfall on the Seiglières side of the Chamrousse road.

Little extra: possibility of coming to Chamrousse by bus to encourage more sustainable mobility
Good deal: 20% off the lift pass by taking the "Estibus" bus (gondola for easy access to the summit and then to the lakes)!

4) Water-based activities

Chamrousse and its mountain lakes also offer refreshing adventures in summer:
  • (stand up) paddle and sup yoga (yoga on a paddle) at Lac de la Lauze in Chamrousse 1750 - Roche Béranger
  • water skiing / wakeboarding / kneeboarding, water games for children (and refreshment bar on site) at Grenouillère lake in Chamrousse 1650 - Recoin
  • the only lake where swimming and fishing are permitted is the Robert lakes, higher up and only accessible on foot (easy access via the La Croix gondola)
Good plan: go to the spa to enjoy the swimming pool, hammam, sauna, whirlpool bath in Chamrousse 1650 - Recoin
Little extra: rent a flat in a residence with a swimming pool in Chamrousse 1750 - Roche Béranger (indoor pool in the Écrin des Neiges and Bérangère residences, and outdoor pool at the Chalets des Cimes and in the Bellevue building) or in Chamrousse 1700 - Bachat Bouloud (outdoor pool at the Villages du Bachat by booking through Popinns)
  • Chamrousse leisure well-being yoga stand-up paddle sup paddle summer mountain resort grenoble belledonne isere french alps france - © CH - OT Chamrousse
  • Chamrousse wakeboard water ski activity lake summer resort mountain grenoble belledonne isere french alps france  - © MD - OT Chamrousse

5) What's new for summer

As well as the usual summer mountain activities, such as hiking, mountain biking, via ferrata and climbing, tree climbing, outdoor escape games, archery, fishing, paragliding..., you can also take advantage of the new summer activities:
  • Panoramic Park" Himalayan footbridge: a suspension bridge over the Casserousse couloir, giving access to the Belledonne belvedere and its superb view of the Robert lakes.
  • Giant zipline "Adrenaline Park": the world's largest pylon tyrolienne, from the summit to the resort centre for an unforgettable flight over the mountain and Chamrousse.
  • Climbing wall: a bouldering wall with free access for all levels depending on the route (for one month during the summer)
  • Paintball: a shooting game park to challenge yourself with family or friends in the mountains

Tip: book your giant zip-line slot online in advance, so you don't miss out on the summer attraction
Little extra: a mountain resort close to Grenoble (host city of the 1968 Winter Olympics) and a place where people have been learning to ski for generations, labelled Terre de Jeux 2024 with its summer activities (climbing sites, temporary outdoor bouldering wall, highest skateboard bowl...)

In conclusion, Chamrousse is the best remedy against the heatwave when it's very hot in Grenoble in summer!
There are plenty of fun activities to keep you cool in the high mountain pastures of the Belledonne: forest trails with a gentle gradient, easy walks to the summit, nature walks to discover the flora and fauna, loop walks around lakes, water sports and leisure activities, fishing, swimming...
There's something for every taste and budget!
  • Chamrousse Belledonne moutains viewpoint with Robert lakes summer mountain resort grenoble isere french alps france - © YV - OT Chamrousse
  • Chamrousse Panoramic Park Himalayan footbridge in summer - © YV - OT Chamrousse
  • Chamrousse tyrolienne géante adrenaline park été sommet croix station montagne grenoble isere belledonne french alps france - © YV - OT Chamrousse

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  • Robert lakes
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  • Oursière waterfall
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  • Cascade de l'Oursière
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