Saint Esprit Church

  • Photo église Saint-Esprit
  • Photo église Saint-Esprit
  • Photo église Saint-Esprit
  • Photo église Saint-Esprit
Photo église Saint-EspritPhoto église Saint-EspritPhoto église Saint-EspritPhoto église Saint-Esprit
Place of catholic and protestant worship (high and low chapel, linked by skylight), the structure was built in 1967 (architect : Jomain, sculptor : Szekely ; painter : Arcabas) demonstrates a real architecture of plastic sign.
Planned within the general urban planning project of Roche-Béranger, the centre, made of concrete and exposed stone, is set on a very steep terrain, bordered by two ways.
West, a corrugated wall with red decar flakes provides good insulation against dominant winds.
It supports the roof on the left surface (metal frame), which has an upward gradient, unlike the terrain. Inside, the altar, the tablernacle and baptismal fonts are made by Pierre Székély, in Tarn fire-forged stone.
Arcabas is the author of a remarkable mural fresco with black and gold colours.
This exceptional heritage of the 20th century is a kinetic dialogue between the architect Pierre Jomain and the painter and sculptor Jean-Marie Pirot, called Arcabas.
All year round, daily.
Masses every Sundays at 6pm during seasons.
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    • Historical sites and buildings

Free access.
Saint Esprit Church
165 rue des pensées
Mob : +33 6 82 18 50 03
  • Criteres internes :
    • Chamrousse 1750
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