Recoin small chapel

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"Notre-Dame-sous-la-Croix" chapel is the second building constructed in Chamrousse, the first being the CAF chalet.
Father Brenot and brother Roettgers were the master masons of the chapel.
Their superior, Michel Magnin, had been offered the land from 4 municipalities (Vaulnaveys-le-Haut, Vaulnaveys-le-Bas, Brié et Herbeys); just near the chalet of the French Alpin Club and the area of the future ski resort.

The superior benefited from the generosity of a few companies for the material supply. Vicat and Port de France for concrete, Pascal and Murienne for gravel, sand and all the tools needed. The Pascal Company, also involved in the building of the first hotels and the future cable car, provided the earthwork for free.
The wood needed for the framework was offered by sawyers from Vaulnaveys-le-Haut and settled at the beginning of the 1949 autumn. The bell was found by Father Verscheure in Grenoble and the altar was made by a carpenter from Saint Martin d'Uriage, M Albert Dauphin.

The chapel was inaugurated and blessed on December, 11th 1949, while the first snows covered Chamrousse.
It is now part of Chamrousse ski lift adminstration premises.
All year round, daily.
Interior not open to the public.
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Recoin small chapel
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