Père Tasse chalet - Malamute

  • Malamute
The Père Tasse refuge has now become a mountain restaurant named "Le Malamute".
Extract from the book "The 22 years of Father Tasse in Chamrousse":
In the middle of the 19th century, Chamrousse heights were still virgin. You could only find a couple of sheperds and hunters.
In 1863, Jules Arsène Tasse,also known as "le Père Tasse", aged 40, decided to settle there during the summer season, with his wife and two children. He built a very small wooden hut, which was first used for the making of goat cheese. He extended the building over the years, and transformed it into a refuge in which he could welcome up to 30 person. Rumor has it that the meals offered by Mrs Tasse were unforgetable, and their reputation increased for years.
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    • Historical sites and buildings

Père Tasse chalet - Malamute
580 Route de la Croisette
Chamrousse 1750
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    • French
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    • Chamrousse 1750