5 good reasons to discover ski touring in Chamrousse!


Ski touring in the spotlight!

It is time to discover or rediscover skiing in a different way, here in mountain version.
Do you have a visceral need to ski down the slopes? We have the solution.

With the health crisis and the non-opening of the ski lifts, the 2020-2021 season was undoubtedly the year of ski touring and splitboard, its snowboard equivalent. An opportunity to discover ski touring and to extend the experience the following winters.
Chamrousse, due to its topography and its proximity to Grenoble, is the ideal mountain area for discovering this more sporting and contemplative practice of skiing.
Discover the top 5 reasons to try ski touring in Chamrousse!

  • 5 good reasons to discover ski touring in Chamrousse - © Céline Ustarroz

1) Introductory itinerary

Chamrousse has set up a ski touring access from Casserousse (in the direction of Les Vans) which can allow you to learn the basics along the alpine ski slope and come back down. Don't hesitate to call on a professional for a supervised outing in complete safety and with personalised advice!
✔ An itinerary for ski touring up the mountain (and you don't even need a skipass!)

2) Chamrousse: a summit without taking off your ski shoes!

The "cone" topography of Chamrousse makes the practice of ski touring less restrictive unlike some mountain areas which have a major drawback: you have to remove the "seal skins", go down an area then resume the climb (putting the "skins back on "). In Chamrousse, it is possible to reach the top in one go, which is a definite advantage: you only put on the skins once and you have plenty of time to contemplate the nature that awaits you. And when you go down, it's all the way down! And for the more athletic, you are free to take it all back if you want to have good thighs.
✔ Access to the top of Chamrousse in a single climb

3) Unmissable route of the Croix de Chamrousse 1750m-2250m

Discover the great classic of Chamrousse, an intermediate level ski touring route that allows you to climb 500 vertical meters in a dream setting for a magical round trip during the day. Indeed, most of the course takes place in the trees, unlike other higher areas, a real pleasure to slide in the heart of the forest. Arrived at the Croix, you reach a summit with a bar restaurant and above all an exceptional view of the surrounding massifs, Grenoble and its metropolis.
✔ Chamrousse or how to enjoy a cold beer once you reach the top!

4) Breathtaking night itinerary

Chamrousse offers you a secured itinerary to discover at sunset for a unique evening, after work or during the holidays, with a departure from Chamrousse 1650 - Recoin. This night ski touring route was even awarded "best ski touring route" at the 2019 ski touring Trophies.
The resort's groomers work in the evening when the ski lifts are not working. On sloping tracks, in order not to end up at the bottom, the machines are held by a steel cable (a bit like 4X4 winches). They are not very visible at night and therefore very dangerous! The night route guarantees a cable-free descent.
✔ Chamrousse or how to enjoy a hot coffee out of the thermos with a magnificent view of the illuminated Grenoble valley.


5) Access door to the famous Grand Van

Chamrousse is also the starting point for ski touring and in particular to access the Grand Van at 2448m, one of the emblematic peaks of the Belledonne range. Adequate equipment is essential such as the "DVA, shovel and probe" pack and it is strongly recommended to be accompanied by a guide.
✔ Starting point for big off-piste and high mountain ski touring.

Chamrousse is therefore the ideal place for nature lovers who want to learn or improve their skills in ski touring, splitboarding or even hiking snooc.
Chamrousse, a land of learning, of self-fulfillment, gives you the opportunity to discover this practice of mountain skiing in complete safety and for your greatest pleasure!

See you soon in Chamrousse for your new ski touring adventure:

  • 5 good reasons to discover ski touring in Chamrousse - © MG - Chamrousse
  • 5 good reasons to discover ski touring in Chamrousse - © Philippe Halot

In pratice

Sport: ski touring is accessible for adults of course but also theoretically for children from 7/8 years old (depending on ski level)

Equipment: ski touring requires specific boots (with an insert system), special bindings (with an ascent mode and a descent mode) and "seal skins". Originally in the 1930s, it was real seal hair and today it is a strip of synthetic (nylon), natural (mohair: angora goat hair) or mixed fabric, glued to the ski sole so that it only slides in one direction. These are useful for the ascent and then removed for the descent.
Before investing in new equipment, renting can be a good solution. In Chamrousse, it is possible to rent touring or splitboard skis in sports shops in Chamrousse 1650 - Recoin and Chamrousse 1750 - Roche Béranger, they are invaluable allies to answer your questions and advise you.

Apprenticeship or supervision for ski touring, splitboard or snooc trekking: in Chamrousse, you can be accompanied to start with confidence with an instructor or for an outing with a mountain guide.

Safety: it is essential to respect the safety instructions, the prohibitions, the work of the staff and other mountain practitioners. Learn about the weather, the risk of avalanches and don't take any risks. Let's make the mountain a safe place for everyone!

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