5 good reasons to discover climbing in Chamrousse!


Climbing in the spotlight!

It's time to discover or rediscover the mountains, and climbing in particular, in a different way, here in the open air.
Is mountain climbing for the professionals? Yes, but not only...

Do you like climbing? Do you love the mountains? Then you'll love trying out outdoor climbing at Chamrousse!
What if this summer was an opportunity for you? An opportunity to discover the mountains in a different way, a chance to try out new climbing activities, and maybe even to rediscover yourself?
Here are the top 5 reasons why you should try climbing and via ferrata in Chamrousse!
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1) The land of the Games 2024 label

The Olympic Games take place from July, 26th to August,11th 2024 in Paris, capital of France, and the Paralympic Games from August, 28th to September, 8th. In the run-up to this great sporting event, all the country's
territories and sports movements in the country that can be the Games with the "Terre de Jeux 2024" label. Becoming a "Terre de Jeux 2024" actor, you'll be helping to bring the excitement of the Games to the emotions of the Games and change people's everyday lives through sport.

Sport climbing is one of the 32 sporting disciplines of the Summer Olympic Games. It will make its first appearance at the
Tokyo Summer Olympics in 2020-2021, as a "new sport" with athletes participating in athletes competing in the 3 disciplines to become Olympic champion:
  • Bouldering: climbing 4.5m-high structures without a rope (but with a landing mat), in the shortest possible time and with as few attempts as possible
  • Speed: spectacular race against the clock in elimination duels on a 15-metre wall inclined at 5 degrees.
  • Difficulty: climb as high as possible on a 15-metre wall in 6 minutes without knowing the route in advance.

Today, there are two distinct climbing events (bouldering + difficulty, or speed only) crown two male and two female two Olympic champions. They will take place from 5 to 9 August 2024 at the Le Bourget climbing site (near Paris).
Chamrousse, a local authority and mountain resort near Grenoble
Grenoble (host of the 1968 Winter Olympics) and a place where generations of skiers, is also ideally suited to being a summer playground, with its rock-climbing sites, outdoor bouldering wall bouldering wall, skateboarding bowl...

Good to know: climbing is four additional sports in Paris 2024, along with surfing, breaking (dance) and skateboarding (as at the future Los Angeles Olympics in 2028).
Objective: to enable as many people as possible to experience the adventure of the Olympic Games right now!

2) All levels

From its ancient name of "varappe" or the familiar "grimpette" in French, climbing is a sport consisting of progressing along a wall to reach the top of the terrain or an artificial structure by a route called a "voie" or "itinéraire", with or without the aid of equipment, both in the great outdoors and in more urban indoor settings.
In Chamrousse, climbing is practised in a natural environment on boulders (short routes) or on cliffs with (or without) equipped routes.
There are several open-access or supervised climbing sites to suit all levels and tastes:
  • Initiation:
    • "Arselle" climbing school (Chamrousse 1700 - Bachat Bouloud)
    • Outdoor bouldering wall in summer (Chamrousse 1650 - Recoin)
  • Intermediate climbing:
    • Via ferrata course (Croix de Chamrousse)
    • "Croix de Chamrousse" sports area (top of the resort)
    • "Col de Balme" Balme pass adventure site (Chamrousse 1650 - Recoin side)
  • Advanced (near Robert lakes):
    • "Les Vans" and "Grand Sorbier" sectors
    • "Grand Eullier" sector

Good to know: Pierre Rebreyend, a Chamrousse sportsman and member of the French climbing team, has ambitions to take part in the Olympics
Little extra: climbing equipment hire available in some of the resort's shops
  • Chamrousse climbing child family initiation site school climbing summer mountain resort grenoble belledonne isere french alps france - © Fred Guerdin
  • Chamrousse climbing child family initiation site school climbing summer mountain resort grenoble belledonne isere french alps france - © Fred Guerdin

3) All styles

There are many different types of climbing you can experience outdoors in Chamrousse:
  • Sport climbing (leader), traditional climbing (trad), bouldering, free climbing (climbing without any equipment, often done solo), artificial climbing (unequipped wall where the climber inserts his or her own progression elements as he or she goes along).
  • Number of pitches: route (wall equipped with belay devices to be climbed in one go) or long route (route to be climbed in several stages punctuated by belays, especially to Robert lakes).
  • Type of wall: vertical (at a 90-degree angle to the ground), slab (at a positive angle), overhang or large overhang (at a negative angle, especially towards the Balme cave), roof (horizontal wall parallel to the ground), chimney (two walls facing each other), dihedral (two walls side by side at a 90-degree angle).

And let's not forget the via ferrata, Italian for path/railway, which is similar to climbing, but is a discipline in its own right.
It is distinguished by the presence of a permanent lifeline for safety and artificial elements put in place to facilitate the progress of climbers (ladder, cabled crossing, bridge, footbridge...), take height to contemplate the panorama and enjoy a unique viewpoint. It's a sensational activity.
In Chamrousse, there are two via ferrata at the top of the resort near the "Croix de Chamrousse", between heaven and earth:
- the medium-difficulty "3 Fontaines" via ferrata, with a monkey bridge, a Nepalese bridge, a trunk and a panoramic bench
- the rather difficult "Robert lakes" via ferrata, with crossings over ledges, sloping slabs leading to a footbridge and an exit by climbing up a pillar.

Good to know: it is (strongly) advisable to be accompanied by a guide and there is easy access via the Croix gondola from Chamrousse 1650 - Recoin
Little extra: panoramic bench for the 3 Fontaines via ferrata and return via the new Himalayan footbridge for the Robert lakes via ferrata.

4) Variety of landscapes

Discover the mountains and their natural wonders by climbing in a varied and enchanting landscape, from the "Arselle" forest to the gateway to the high mountains at "Les Vans":
  • Resort centre: the bouldering wall at Chamrousse 1650 - Recoin, with sunshine and views between mountain and village
  • At the heart of a protected area: part of the Arselle rocks are in the "Tourbière de l'Arselle et lac Achard" protected area (Arselle peat bog and lake Achard), which is rich in botanical and faunal diversity.
  • Lake view and panoramic mountain view:
    • the "3 Fontaines" via ferrata, as its name suggests, takes in the three small lakes and the Infernet lake
    • "the Vans" and "Grand Sorbier" sectors, the "Grand Eullier" sector and the Robert lakes via ferrata, as its name suggests, offer views of these natural mountain lakes.
  • Sunset: "La Balme" sector with beautiful lights on the "Grand Colon" mountain

Good to know: two types of rock with mainly a rather broken granite and gneiss rock, and on the "Balme" sector a hollowed limestone rock (which makes a finger mail) and metamorphic cargneule.
A little extra: discover the new facilities at the "Croix de Chamrousse" summmit, lookouts, picnic area, Himalayan footbridge, giant zip line...
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  • Chamrousse 3 fontaines via ferrata climbing break panoramic bench summer mountain resort grenoble belledonne isère alpes france - © Fred Guerdin

5) Diversity of climbing activities

Climbing isn't just about mountainneering and via ferrata, there are also related activities available in our beautiful resort:
  • Tree adventure courses or "Accrobranche®" with "Alté Chamrousse Aventures": tree climbing, Tarzan jumping, zip lines (at Chamrousse 1700 - Bachat Bouloud)
  • Canyoning with the "Bureau des guides et accompagnateurs de Chamrousse": progress in the bed of a river (caution: outside Chamrousse)
  • Summer mountaineering or mixed climbing with the "Bureau des guides et accompagnateurs de Chamrousse": terrain combining névé or snow or even ice and rock above an altitude of 2,500 metres in the "Belledonne" mountain ("Grand Pic de Belledonne" or "Étendard")

Good to know: paper climbing topoguide will be on sale from autumn 2023 at Chamrousse Tourist Offices
Little bonus: there's also winter climbing with glacier / ice climbing (akin to mountaineering, it's climbing snow slopes, ice or natural ice waterfalls) and mountaineering gully.

Bonus) Skateboarding, another Olympic sport

Skateboarding, another Olympic discipline, is also in the spotlight in Chamrousse, with dedicated facilities: a competition bowl (the highest in the world), a skatepark and a pumptrack.
There's a great spot between the "Vernon" car park and "Grenouillère" lake at Chamrousse 1650 - Recoin, with a nearby snack bar and terrace where you can enjoy the fresh air and the attraction of water skiing and wakeboarding.

In conclusion, climbing is not just an adventure for seasoned climbers, but also for amateur sports enthusiasts looking for a new mountain experience to share as a family, couple or tribe.
Take advantage of all the best Chamrousse has to offer, with outdoor climbing spots of varying levels, styles and landscapes.
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