Photos and video memories of winter 2023


Winter 2022-2023 Chamrousse souvenir photos

Discover the most beautiful souvenir photos of this winter 2023 in Chamrousse!
The adventurers of Chamrousse and the economic actors of the resort have talent, and for our greatest pleasure, they share it with you and with us on social networks, here Instagram.

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On the programme

  • Chamrousse wishes you a great ski vacation and a happy holiday season!
  • Big return of snow and breathtaking sunsets!
  • Enjoy the snow and skiing without moderation!
  • It's the holidays, fun and skiing in Chamrousse!
  • Back in pictures on your most beautiful photos of vacations! And it's not over...
  • Back in pictures on your most beautiful mountain adventures in Chamrousse...
  • A big thank you for the pictures of your most fun and unusual adventures in Chamrousse!
  • Memories : your last moments of the ski season in Chamrousse !
  • Skiing is over..., welcome to spring and hiking, see you in June for the opening of the giant zip line, the mountain bike, the via ferrata...

Video credit: YV - OT Chamrousse
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New in summer 2023

Adrenaline Park - Zipline: experience the world's largest tyrolean traverse with pylons, from the top of the resort to the center of the Recoin resort!
  • Departure: Croix de Chamrousse at 2250 meters of altitude (departure station: between the rooftop Grenoble and the big building with the antennas)
  • Arrival: Chamrousse 1650 - Recoin, place de Belledonne (arrival station: on the top of the sale point building, between the Lifts and the Tourist Office)
  • Price: 35€ solo or 65€ in duo (including the ascent via the Croix cable car from Chamrousse 1650 - Recoin)

Promotional video of the opening of the Chamrousse zip line:

Video credit: MND Leisure - Tichodrone

Himalayan footbridge: enjoy the sensations with an exceptional view of the Grésivaudan valley and the surrounding mountains.
  • Location: meet at the top of the resort at the Croix de Chamrousse, head towards the Robert lakes chairlift and then descend towards the lakes along the slope on the left for about 100 meters (or 300 meters from the arrival of the Croix gondola).
  • Price: free, paying access via the Croix gondola (departure from Chamrousse 1650 - Recoin)

Video timelapse of the works in Chamrousse:

Video credit: MND Leisure

And always:
  • Chamrousse's Croix summit fitted out: enjoy incredible views from the rooftop and the lookouts, discover the picnic area, the fun Explor games on smartphone, the Croix's high altitude restaurant...
    Price: free, paid access via the Croix cable car (departure from Chamrousse 1650 - Recoin)
  • Chamrousse photo spot: discover the giant Chamrousse panel made of cut-out Corten steel that gives a glimpse of the resort and its magnificent landscape.
    Price: free of charge, access by the Aiguille pass trail from Chamrousse 1650 - Recoin (about 900 meters and 200 meters of ascent for 45 minutes of walking)
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