Happy New Year 2024: top 20 signs that you know Chamrousse well


Quiz: you know you know Chamrousse when...

In 2024, the mountain wishes you well, a new year has arrived and invites you to enjoy skiing as a source of happiness, the mountain as a source of joy & Chamrousse as a place for sharing.
To do this, we are delighted to share with you, in the form of a quiz, these little phrases and anecdotes that only a connoisseur of Chamrousse can understand (or not). Here are some of the best photos of the resort's adventurers on Instagram (#chamrousse).

How do you play? 1 point if you answer yes or know the statement, otherwise 0 point.
From 1 to 5 correct answers: green level / 6 to 10 correct answers: blue level / 11 to 15 correct answers: red level / 16 to 20 correct answers: black level. Ready, set, play!
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Green level - Visitor

"Discovery" profile: tourists exploring the resort for the first time, discovering the slopes and enjoying the ski and mountain activities.
You know you've been to Chamrousse when...
  1. You say Chamrousse is a family ski resort
  2. You've admired the fantastic view of Grenoble and its 3 towers (or the sea of clouds)
  3. You've noticed that jeans, music and mini-skis are no longer in fashion
  4. You go skiing, tobogganing and walking at Roche Béranger and you don't know that there are other areas or what they're called - it's just Chamrousse!
  5. You've just learnt to ski, children and adults welcome
  • Chamrousse ski family beginner winter mountain resort grenoble isere french alps france - © @fredguerdin Instagram
  • Chamrousse gondola above grenoble winter ski resort mountain isere french alps france - © @images_et_reves_photo Instagram

Blue level - Initiated

"Regular" profile: someone who already knows the resort's main attractions, ski runs and activities, but who is not yet a regular visitor.
You know Chamrousse when...
  1. You say that Chamrousse is not just a winter sports resort, but also a summer resort (with hiking, mountain biking, via ferrata, etc.).
  2. You've already been to the Croix de Chamrousse, the summit of the resort, via the Chamrousse 1650 - Recoin gondola.
  3. You know that the resort is in the Belledonne Massif, with the Chartreuse and Vercors as magnificent landscape companions.
  4. You've already taken part in a torchlit descent, a behind-the-scenes look at the ski area or the Chamrousse party.
  5. You know that the Alpine skiing events at the 1968 Grenoble Olympic Games were held in Chamrousse (the Olympic slopes and cauldron are still there).
  • Chamrousse festival fireworks winter ski resort mountain grenoble isere french alps france - © @julien_galvaing Instagram
  • Chamrousse olympic games winter Olympics 1969 grenoble ski resort mountain grenoble isere french alps france - © Editions André

Level red - Experienced

"Advanced" profile: a regular visitor to the resort who knows every nook and cranny of the pistes and restaurants, and avoids the tourist crowds.
You know you love Chamrousse when...
  1. You say it's the best resort in the whole world, and you've also done the world's longest zip line!
  2. You know the Eterlou slope and that it's also the name of a young male chamois.
  3. You've already had the chance to go night skiing (rest in peace) or sunset skiing in winter
  4. You no longer need to carry a piste or hiking map in your pocket and you can spot Chamrousse from anywhere in Grenoble city
  5. Like a wise man, you marvel again and again at the resort's splendid sunsets
  • Chamrousse ski sunset winter mountain resort grenoble isere french alps france - © @iridiusbike Instagram
  • Chamrousse sunset drone view roche béranger ski resort montagne belledonne grenoble isere french alps france - © @drouot_pictures Instagram

Black level - Resident or adopted Chamroussien

"Local" profile: resident or worker who knows Chamrousse like the back of their hand, knows its lesser-known places and actively participates in the life of the resort.
You know you're from Chamrousse when...
  1. You have the privilege of going skiing only on days when the weather is fine and the snow is fresh, and outside the school holidays of course!
  2. You've already spent a night in a bivouac or mountain hut to watch the sunrise.
  3. You can't eat another cheese-based mountain dish ("gratin de raviole", "raclette", "fondue", "tartiflette"...) without overdosing!
  4. You know that the Chartreuse isn't just a mountain (be careful, too much alcohol is dangerous for your health, so drink in moderation).
  5. You know the spot where the bread oven is hidden in the forest and/or you don't want to share your secret mushroom patch.
  • Chamrousse ski fine weather fresh snow winter mountain resort grenoble isere french alps france - © @valentin__perret Instagram
  • Chamrousse mountain dish camembert cheese oven baked charcuterie potato ski resort mountain grenoble isere french alps france - © @aperosetchamrousse Instagram
So, how well do you know our beautiful resort of Chamrousse?
  1. 1 to 5 correct answers - green level: welcome, you're a skier in training, a budding hiker or a newcomer, you're at the start of your exploration of the resort and every step is a new adventure!
  2. 6 to 10 correct answers - blue level: well done, you're a ski lover, a mountain connoisseur or a future Chamrousse enthusiast!
  3. 11 to 15 correct answers - red level: marvellous, you've reached the advanced skier, trail explorer or committed citizen category.
  4. 16 to 20 answers mastered - black level: exceptional, you're an expert on the slopes, an experienced hiker or even a pillar of the resort community.
And here's a little bonus to help you catch up:
- Green bonus: you ski with a helmet in Chamrousse, because that's life!
- Blue bonus: you have a collection of photos in Chamrousse (or even a selfie in front of the giant photo panel at the top of the Casserousse chairlift).
- Red bonus: you've already managed to spot Mont Aiguille and the Laffrey lakes from the resort's slopes and paths.
- Black bonus: for you, the black run of the Casserousse couloir is just a formality.

You know you know Chamrousse when, every piste becomes a shared memory and every trail a familiar story, turning this corner of the Alps into a living home and a vibrant community of mountain enthusiasts.
It's here that every bend tells the story of an adventure, every peak evokes a moment, and every snowflake carries the heart-warming tale of a resort that becomes more than just a place, but a true home for a day, a weekend, a week or even a lifetime.
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