Energy efficiency information

In the current context of rising energy prices, the government announced on 6 October 2022 the implementation of an energy sobriety plan.
Its objective: a 10% reduction in energy consumption by 2024, which concerns the whole of society.

By definition, energy sobriety is the reduction of energy consumption through lifestyle changes and social transformations.
In Chamrousse, it began before 2022, with the commitments of "Domaines skiables de France - DSF", the "Flocon Vert" label, the "Global Compact" approach... and continues this winter 2022-2023 with an energy sobriety plan, in solidarity with the other ski resorts of Isère department.

In the frequently asked questions (FAQ) below, you will find the main answers to the measures in the Chamrousse resort's energy plan: the watchword is energy efficiency and responsible skiing
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Will the Chamrousse ski area open as planned?

Chamrousse ski area is open as planned from December, 3rd 2022 to April, 16th 2023.
The resort teams are hard at work preparing for a great season, of course, in the current context, energy efficiency is the order of the day and the impact will be limited as much as possible for the skiers who will be able to fully enjoy the ski area.

How does the ski area plan to save on electricity consumption?

To achieve a 10% saving in electricity consumption, already initiated as part of the 16 eco-commitments carried out by "Domaines Skiables de France" (DSF), the ski area is reinforcing actions such as:
  • Raising the awareness of teams to good energy-saving practices, in addition to everyday actions (heating, lighting, etc.), such as, for example, grooming machine drivers who are trained in eco-driving
  • The production of artificial snow as accurately as possible and in an optimised manner
  • Optimisation of grooming on the black and red slopes, for a new sporting challenge
  • The eco-driving of the ski lifts with the adaptation of the speed to the number of visitors. Of course, fluidity of access to the ski lifts remains the priority, the closures will only be made on the lifts in duplicate and the reopening of these installations will be adapted to the frequentation.
  • The replacement of night skiing (with slopes lighting) by skiing at sunset without lighting

Will there be night skiing?

The night skiing evenings on Saturdays in winter and Thursdays during the holidays are replaced by the sunset skiing evenings from January to the beginning of April (until 6pm maximum).
"Coucher de soleil" sunset skipass: compatible with the 4-hour skipass and included in the day and holiday skipasses.

Will the ice rink be open?

No, as part of the resort's energy-saving plan, the energy-intensive outdoor ice rink cannot be installed for the winter of 2022-2023.
A project to replace it with an activity using foam modules is being studied for the winter holidays.

Are there any power cuts during the opening period?

The government has set up the "Ecowatt alert", the electricity weather forecast, to call on citizens, companies and local authorities to reduce their electricity consumption. RTE, electricity network manager, also has technical levers to reduce consumption at national level.

Electricity cuts:
And "If these various levers are not enough, organised, localised and temporary electricity cuts can be envisaged, particularly during weekdays at peak times" probably in January and February (excluding school holidays):
  • For how long? "Between 8 am and 1 pm in the morning and between 6 pm and 8 pm in the evening. The cuts are organised by geographical area and in consecutive 2-hour increments."
  • When? 3 days in advance the Ecowatt application warns the people that a day will be in "red alert". The day before the red alert day, at 9.30 pm at the latest, the Chamrousse ski lifts will be warned by ENEDIS, if the Chamrousse resort will be cut off, the time and the duration of this cut off. And the information will be provided as soon as possible, the day before or the day of the event, via the Tourist Office.
  • Who is concerned? "Local authorities, companies and businesses, private individuals", the whole resort will be impacted: ski areas, tourist offices, town hall, economic actors...

A reduction in electricity consumption by all French people could reduce or even avoid the need for organised power cuts.
For more information, visit the website: (caution only in French).