5 good reasons to discover electric mountain bike in Chamrousse!


Electric bike in the spotlight!

It's time to discover or rediscover the mountains and in particular the bicycle in a different way, here in electric version.
Mountain biking is too sporty and too difficult? Wrong. Completely wrong.

Do you like cycling? Do you like the mountains? Then you'll love to try an electric road bike or an electric mountain bike!
What if this summer was finally an opportunity for you? An opportunity to discover the mountains in a different way, an opportunity to try out new ways of cycling and maybe even to rediscover yourself?
The top 5 reasons to try out electric bikes in Chamrousse!
  •  - © Fred Guerdin

1) Preserved natural setting

The mountains offer you a unique opportunity to cycle in an exceptional natural environment rich in diversity. Get on your electric bike for an easy discovery of the landscapes: from the trails of the Chamrousse forest to the Arselle plateau with the Taillefer massif as a backdrop, via the panoramic view of the mountain roads.
Fun side: access to new horizons thanks to electric assistance
Benefit: reconnection to nature

2) Getting back into cycling / mountain biking

In discovery mode: if you have the desire but not the physical condition of a great sportsman, the electric bike will enable you to acquire technique and experience more quickly.
In recovery mode: after a break, the electric bike gives you the opportunity to rediscover your sensations without apprehension.
In committed mode: experienced sportsman discovering new routes
Fun mode: a gentle sporting adventure
Beneficial: good for the body and mind

3) All together with family or friends

To everyone's delight, a new intergenerational way of cycling is developing with electric bikes. The Electrically Assisted Bicycle (EAB) and the Electrically Assisted Mountain Bike (EAMB) make it possible to go out together as a tribe with people of different levels, because everyone can adjust their effort and assistance as they wish.
Fun side: further and higher together in leisure and/or sport exploration
Benefit: a moment of convivial sharing

4) Diversity of sporting activity

There is something for everyone when it comes to cycling: road bikes, cross-country bikes, enduro bikes or even downhill bikes for the most courageous. The practice becomes more accessible thanks to electric assistance, by proposing electric bicycle on the road and electric mountain bike on trails and tracks, to have fun as much in descent as in ascent.
As a bonus in Chamrousse, the downhill scooter in the mountains also comes in an electric version.
Fun side: plenty of new 2-wheel activities to discover
Beneficial: pleasure and rejuvenation in the fresh air

5) Open up the field of possibilities

For novices: no more problems related to distance or altitude difference thanks to electric assistance
For riders: discovering routes that were previously inaccessible on a classic mountain bike while controlling their effort
For experienced cyclists and mountain bikers: new challenges to take up while improving your technique
Good to know: the top of the resort and its green and blue trails are accessible by mountain electric bike via the La Croix gondola!
Fun mode: go everywhere and faster
Benefit: the joy of newfound freedom
  •  - © Fred Guerdin
  •  - © Fred Guerdin
In conclusion, cycling becomes easier, more fun and more user-friendly thanks to its electric version.
It makes it easier to (re)discover the road bike in the Electrically Assisted Bicycle (EAB) version or the mountain bike in the Electrically Assisted Mountain Bike (EAMB) version, thanks to the rapid acquisition of technical and physical ease.
It is a pleasure and health ally thanks to easy management of the intensity of the effort, so that you can ride without getting too tired for longer!

As a bonus, discover two mobile applications for your electric bike session in Chamrousse, the official resort application for all the practical information and the On Piste application/website to guide you by GPS on the sports routes.

See you soon in Chamrousse for the electric bike adventure: