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Chamrousse Nordic Park

The nordic ski area is now:
Partially open
for November, 16th and 17th

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Chamrousse, 1st site with access control in Isère
Chamrousse site is now equipped with a hand free ticket system: you can access to the nordic area via one entrance only, which is equipped with 2 ski pass control terminals.
All fees are encoded on a hand free card sold 1 e. It is rechargeable and valid from one year to another. If you already have this type of card (of Chamrousse or another ski resort), bring it so we can recharge without any additional cost.

Watch out: Isère, Rhône-Alpes and National ski passes, no direct access to the Nordic area anymore.


Main prices:

You may buy a ticket for the next day before departing from the site: please inform the sales assistant that your purchase is not for today.

Nordic skipass - winter 2019-2020 Adult
From 1956
to 2001
From 2008
to 2013
From 2002
to 2007
From 1946
to 1955
Senior Plus
Before 1945
Day - admission before 12.30pm 7.70€ 3.60€ 4.50€ 6.90€ 4.60€
Half-day afternoon - admission after 12.30pm 6.50€ 3.10€ 3.80€ 5.90€ 3.90€
6 consecutive days 37€ 17.50€ 21.50€ 33€ 22€
Season 92.50€ 43€ 54€ 83€ 55€
*From 1994 to 2001: student pass with the school year, birthday date and photo or student certificate and an ID.
**ID with the birthday date compulsory.

Children born in 2014 and after: free** (a proof of age is required : ID or family record book

Other prices:

Download the complete nordic ski price list (only in French).

Ticket sales points

Online: Buy and recharge your skipass
Sales point: new sale point in Chamrousse 1600 from December, 7th 2019 to April, 5th 2020, everyday 8.45am to 4pm.