Estibus 707 Grenoble-Chamrousse

  • Bus Grenoble Chamrousse été 2020

For summer 2020, the come back of the Estibus!

How to come to Chamrousse this summer?
The summer bus line 707 takes you from Grenoble to Chamrousse every day from July, 4th until August, 30th 2020.

From Verdun square, in the heart of Grenoble, the Estibus serves the 3 destinations of Chamrousse: the Recoin in Chamrousse 1650, Roche Béranger in Chamrousse 1750 and the Plateau de l 'Arselle (Nordic Park) in Chamrousse 1600.

In addition, it is accessible with your travel ticket of Grenoble (TAG) from Grenoble area (Grenoble / Gières / Venon) or with your TouGo travel ticket from and for Gresivaudan (St Martin d'Uriage / Chamrousse only).
You can buy a ticket only by sms by sending: "1H" to 93 123 and receive your TAG ticket for 1,60€ OR "1G" to 93 123 and receive your TouGo ticket for 1€.

Mountain bike and paraglider allowed in the hold.
Wearing the mask in the bus is compulsory.

Main stops and timetables
Chamrousse direction:
• Grenoble - Verdun square: 7:40am and 10:40am
• Gières - Tram and train station: 7:55am and 10:55am
• St Martin d'Uriage - Uriage railway station (Tourist Office): 8:05am and 11:05am
• St Martin d'Uriage - Seiglières: 8:20am and 11:20am
• Chamrousse - Recoin (1650): 8:40am and 11:40am
• Chamrousse - Roche Béranger (1750): 8:50am and 11:50am
• Chamrousse - Arselle Plateau (1650): 8:55am and 11:55am

Grenoble direction:
• Chamrousse - Plateau de l 'Arselle (1650): 2:15pm and 5:15pm
• Chamrousse - Roche Béranger (1750): 2:20pm and 5:20pm
• Chamrousse - Recoin (1650): 2:30pm and 5:30pm
• St Martin d'Uriage - Seiglières: 14h50 and 17h50
• St Martin d'Uriage - Uriage railway station (Tourist Office): 3:05pm and 6:05pm
• Gières - Tram and train station: 3:15pm and 6:15pm
• Grenoble - Verdun square: 3:30pm and 6:30pm

More information on the Grenoble mobility website (only in French) and on the leaflet with the schedules to download (in French).
GR4 - TouGo
487, avenue Ambroise Croizat