Croix de Chamrousse climbing site

  • Escalade tombée de la nuit
  • Site escalade de la Croix carte
Escalade tombée de la nuitSite escalade de la Croix carte
Altitude site (2200m) particularly pleasant by hot weather.
Rock climbing here is very enjoyable from nice stiff or complex walls to nice grip slabs.
The cliff is facing East and is warm in summer and sometimes fresh in the shadow during the afternoon.

Spot in Chamrousse 2250
Level of experience: experienced and perfecting (grades from 2 to 7b)
Rock climbing style : walls, slabs and cracks
Equipment: excellent (dowels)
Approach time: 15 mn
Favourable time: July and August

- Mountain range: Belledonne
- IGN map: 3335 OT
- Altitude: 2150m
- Orientation: East
- Rock: gneiss
- Number of routes: 26
- Minimum height of the routes : 15 m
- Maximum height of the routes : 55 m
From 01/06 to 30/09.
Caution : do not go oustide to climbing anchors and belays, rockfall high risk.

Getting close to it :
• With the gondola, park your car in front of the tourism office in Chamrousse 1650 called Le Recoin.
From the top, la Croix de Chamrousse, walk until the col de La Botte, the cliff is on your right side. Then, join it thanks to the small path.
• On foot, reach Chamrousse 1750 called Roche-Béranger and start from the Croisette turn.
Park your car and follow the slopes until la Croix de Chamrousse or walk to the Achard lake, the Infernet pass and passing though the Botte pass. The second choice, much nicer is longer (around 1 hour to 1 hour and a half depending on options).

Caution : be careful to the gondola timetables.
  • Criteres internes :
    • Chamrousse 2250
Free access.
Croix de Chamrousse climbing site
Chamrousse 2250
Phone : +33 4 76 59 04 96