5 good reasons to discover downhill mountain biking in Chamrousse!


Downhill mountain biking in the spotlight!

It's time to discover or rediscover the mountains and in particular biking in a different way, here in an all-terrain version.
Is mountain biking for pro riders? Yes, but not only...

Do you like cycling? Do you like the mountains? You'll love to try mountain biking!
What if this summer was an opportunity for you? An opportunity to discover the mountains in a different way, a chance to try out new ways of cycling, and maybe even to rediscover yourself?
The top 5 reasons to discover the mountain bike trails of the Chamrousse Bike Park!
  • Chamrousse bike park mountain bike downhill machine track mountain resort grenoble isere french alps france - © Fred Guerdin - Chamrousse

1) Bike Park for all levels

In summer, the ski slopes give way to mountain bike trails in the form of a Bike Park, a set of facilities dedicated to mountain biking.
There is something for all levels, from 13 years old, from beginners to experts, with friends or family: 2 green trails for beginners, 3 blue trails to start the mountain bike adventure and for experienced riders, 1 red trail as well as 1 black trail for committed runs.
A spot nestled in the heart of the Belledonne and right next to Grenoble, capital of the Alps, to learn how to ride a mountain bike, how about that?
  • Bike Park opening: July and August (+ weekends in June and September depending on weather conditions)
  • Altitude: 1650m - 2250m, i.e. 600 metres difference in altitude
  • 2 lifts: 1 gondola and 1 chairlift
  • 13 runs for 75 km of playground: 7 downhill runs of about 25 km and 6 enduro / cross-country / electric mountain bike routes over about 50 km
✔ Practical side: a bike school and mountain bike hire companies, an ideal context for those who want to start out
❤ Benefit: learning and surpassing oneself


2) Diversity of practices and machines

In mountain resorts, mountain bike facilities can take the form of downhill tracks, pumptrack, enduro areas, cross country and/or all of these at once.
Mountain bikers of all levels can come and have fun, from the leisure biker to the competitor. But also those coming from disciplines as diverse as downhill, cross-country, trail, enduro, freeride, and even e-bike.
In Chamrousse, riders of all levels and (almost) all styles will find what they are looking for:
  • All mountain bike: all terrain bike for mountain biking (original discipline of mountain biking)
  • DownHill (DH) mountain bike: speed bike for downhill sprint mountain biking (practiced in competition)
  • Enduro mountain bike: a multi-purpose mountain bike for uphill and downhill riding (mix of mountain bike disciplines)
  • Cross country mountain bike (XC): bike for off-road riding (also used in timed races)
  • Electric mountain bike (EMBT): electrically assisted mountain bike (suitable for cross country routes)
  • Downhill machines: all-terrain scooters (Trottmountain, Monster Bike, Arapaho, Trotix, electric scooter...)
  • Other mountain bike practices (not adapted to Chamrousse): dirt, freeride, trial, BMX/bicross...
✔ Practical side: a pumptrack (bumps and raised turns on a hard surface) to train or improve
❤ Benefit: fulfilment and freedom of choice


3) New blue track "la Chamroussienne"

A new track at the Bike Park, for a new opportunity to discover mountain biking in Chamrousse!
The resort's desire to offer more rolling trails with this new "flow trail" blue track (fluid and rolling): a wide mountain bike track with big turns and no holes to jump (no gap). One of the rare tracks that is not a single track (narrow track where you can only pass one by one)
To remember, the Croix gondola loosens this new track "la Chamroussienne" but also a green track, another blue one and finally the ultimate black track. While the Bachat Bouloud chairlift serves the other green slope, a blue one, a red one, but also allows to join the final part of the other green and blue slopes.
✔ Practical side: two summer buses that take bikes "T87" and "Estibus 707" from Grenoble
❤ Benefit: personal challenge and confidence


4) Outsider with great potential

The Bike Park in Chamrousse is constantly improving and evolving, with Baptiste Gaillot, professional rider, in its team of Bike Patrols/shapers.
A spot in the Belledonne massif, in the Northern Alps in Isère department, which is rising in rank to compete with its neighbours "Les 2 Alpes", "7 Laux", "Alpe d'Huez"..., with everything that makes the essence of mountain biking: rocks, roots, top terrain movements, nice jumps that serve the interest of the trails and a good general flow. You can ride fast, very brittle, steep or smoother parts, everything is within reach of your crampons.
✔ Fun side: an enduro type forest descent from Chamrousse resort to the valley with an arrival at Uriage-les-Bains (negative vertical drop: 1300m)
❤ Benefit: safety before taking on the big boys

5) Exceptional views

As its name suggests, the Sunset Bike Park (equivalent to the Sunset Park - snowpark in winter) is a splendid setting with an exceptional view of the mountains and the Grenoble valley. Breathtaking landscapes with a panorama that alternates between city and mountain views, steep slopes for the black run, pure air for all and adrenaline for the committed riders. Few places cumulate as many qualities for mountain biking as the Alps and in addition in Chamrousse the sunset is exceptional!
✔ Fun side: an Ultra Bike session event at the beginning and end of the summer season, for a crazy session until sunset!
❤ Benefit: a change of scenery and sharing
  • Chamrousse bike park mountain bike downhill track mountain resort grenoble isere french alps france - © Fred Guerdin - Chamrousse
  •  Chamrousse bike park mountain bike downhill track mountain resort grenoble isere french alps france - © MD - OT Chamrousse
In conclusion, mountain biking is not only an adventure for expert riders, but also for amateur bikers who wish to live a new mountain experience to share with their family, their couple or their tribe.
The mountain biking adventure in Chamrousse, in its leisure version, means magnificent itineraries in the mountain pastures, and even downhill in the forest (green and blue trails). And in the sporty version, a playground which alternates natural passage, scree and crossing, all punctuated by a few sections of north shore (high footbridge on the red and black runs).


  • Good deal: the Bike Park day pass is at the price of 4 hours for the weekends of June and September!
  • Good to know: the "Chamrousse" mobile application challenges you with its outdoor activity tracking function (time, distance, average speed, route) and the "On Piste" mobile application guides you via GPS on the mountain bike trails!

See you soon in Chamrousse for the mountain bike adventure at the Bike Park of Chamrousse:


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