Mountain law - compulsory snow tyres or chains


The mountains in complete safety

From November, 1st 2021, the Mountain law will come into force in certain communes, including Chamrousse, highlighting safety in the mountains with the obligation to equip cars with chains or snow tyres.
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In summary

  • What: Mountain law applied in 2021 (law of modernisation, development and protection of mountain territories of 2016)
  • Who: cars, motor homes, heavy goods vehicles and coaches/buses
  • Where: 48 French departments, including Isère, located in the mountains (Alps, Corsica, Massif Central, Jura, Pyrenees and Vosges)
  • When: winter season from November, 1st to March, 31th
  • How: snow car equipment
  • How much: carry snow chains (metal or textile) for at least 2 driven wheels OR be equipped with 4 winter tyres (excluding vehicles equipped with studded tyres)
  • Why: to improve safety and limit traffic jams on mountain roads

In addition, a new signage system will gradually be introduced with specific signs at the entrances and exits of these mountain areas.
Note: a tolerance will be applied for the winter of 2021. Until now, this equipment was strongly recommended or even imposed by prefectural decree.

Winter tyres, within the meaning of the decree, are tyres with the "3PMSF" (3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake) designation, identifiable by the presence of the "Alpine symbol" marking and one of the "M+S", "M.S" or "M&S" markings. Until 1 November 2024, snow tyres only marked "M+S" will be tolerated.
Four-season tyres (4S, All Weather, All Season) have no regulatory definition: to be considered as winter tyres, they must be stamped "3PMSF", or at least "M+S" for the transitional period of the first three years of application of the new regulations.
Vehicles with studded tyres are exempt from the equipment requirements.
For more information, visit the French government website (caution only in French).
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