Sustainable development - Flocon Vert label

Chamrousse, the first resort in Isère to get Flocon Vert label!

Flocon Vert, is a labelthat guarantees the sustainable commitment of mountain resorts. This label is developed by the association Mountain Riders to give mountain lovers a clear vision of model tourist sites. Choosing a Flocon vert destination for our holidays is supporting a responsible tourism!

Chamrousse resort has applied to Flocon Vert label in 2016. It was assessed in December 2016 and the labelling board granted Chamrousse the label in January 2017.

For a year, the tourism, the resort players have worked to comply with Flocon vert specification and its 31 compulsory requirements, together with Mountain Riders, bearing the label. This work has been carried out in cooperation with the different players of the resort, but also the inhabitants, employees via a participating process with a Sustainable Development group gathering regularly, open to all of those who want to move forward.

If Chamrousse complies with the compulsory requirements, the resort is aware that the process implies a follow-up and was able to identify the axes of progress. However, this label rewards the efforts made and shared with all people working for a more sustainable world.

All information on Flocon Vert website (in French).
Download the file presenting the Flocon Vert commitments (in French) "Présentation des engagements Flocon Vert à Chamrousse".
More information about environment at Chamrousse town hall website Chamrousse.
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