Chamrousse lifts opening and pedestrian prices

Via ferrata Chamrousse

Via ferrata map

Equipment rental:
Chamrousse 1650: Kévin Sport 2000 / Ski Set / Vernon Sport
Chamrousse 1750: Sgambato Sport 2000

Accompagned outing: Bureau des guides de Chamrousse

Opening: June to September (depending on weather conditions)
Need more thrills and more height?
Whether it is above a lake, in the trees or in the air, numerous and original activities will allow you to admire Chamrousse from above, and will not lete you unmoved.
The landscape will have another dimension and you will be seduced by its beauty.

Caution: Via ferrata is a prohibited activity for inexperienced adults and minors who are not accompanied by an experienced adult.
To all and especially to beginners, we recommend the supervision of a professional.
La Croix gondola is: Closed.
Vias ferratas are: Closed.

Lifts opening

La Croix gondola - Chamrousse 1650:
From July, 1st to September, 3rd, 2023:
every day from 9.15am to 5pm
+ at weekends:
- June 17th and 18th and June, 24th and 25th 2023*
- September: every weekends*
*depending on announced weather conditions -> confirmation on Thursday for the weekend after
Bachat Bouloud 6-man chair lift - Chamrousse 1750: from July 8th to September, 3rd, 2023
Every day: from 9.30am to 12.45pm and 1.15 to 4.30pm
Caution electric mountain bike not allowed in the chairlift (due to the weight - but allowed in the gondola)

Ticket sales points

Chamrousse 1650:
  • Ticket Office: same as lifts opening from 9am to 1pm and from 2pm to 5pm.
  • 2 automatic ticket dispensers (do not deliver any pass for kids born between 2018 and now) and Tribe pass.
Chamrouse 1750:

2 automatic ticket dispensers (do not deliver any pass for kids born between 2018 and now) and Tribe pass.
New: online sales of summer passes on
Caution website only in French

2 access to the via ferrata routes:

Approach on foot by Chamrousse 1750 - Croix de Chamrousse path   
Time for ascent: 2h05 (3 Fontaines) - 2h15 (lacs Robert) - Variation in height: 500m
Approach from the gondola at the Croix de Chamrousse (Chamrousse 1650)
Time for ascent: 10 min (3 Fontaines) - 20 min (lacs Robert)

3 fontaines via ferrata

Lakes Robert via ferrata

  • Departure and arrival height: 2200m - 2240m (40m)
  • Timing: 1h-1h30
  • Orientation: east
  • Route length: 350m
  • A little difficult to quite difficult
  • Departure and arrival height: 2050m - 2200m (150m)
  • Timing: 1h30-2h
  • Orientation: east - south-east
  • Route length: 300m
  • Quite difficult


Main prices:

Pedestrians - Prices summer 2023 Adult Child** Junior* Senior Senior Plus
Single ticket 8.50€  7€  7€  8.50€ 8.50€
Return ticket 11€ 8.50€ 8.50€ 11€ 11€
Day ticket 22€ 18€ 18€ 22€ 22€
6-day stay (sale on ticket office only) 66€ 54€ 54€ 66€ 66€
* Juniors (from 1997 to 2004) must bring a student card with date, date of birth and picture or a school attendance certificate with an ID).
** Bring a certificate of birth.

Children born in 2018 and after : free** (a proof of age is required : ID or family record book