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Other snow sport: snowscoot

You want to try a new downhill sport? Think of snowscoot! A cross between a bike and a snowboard, discover this new way of riding which is attracting more and more people.

This new practice of sliding, in the form of a machine with two boards or skates similar to snowboards, a fork and a handlebar, comes from the BMX and snowboard culture. This discipline is considered as an alternative to skiing and snowboarding.
In competition it’s distinguished in several disciplines: timed descent, dual-slalom or dual-cross (parallel slalom), Scoot-cross (boardercross), big air or slopestyle (freestyle on one or more modules) and freeride as hobby.
In March 2019, Chamrousse hosted a snowscoot competition in boardercross and slopestyle categories.
In Chamrousse, this special machine is allowed on the alpine slopes, the snowpark and on some ski lifts.
• Chamrousse 1650 - Recoin ski area:
- La Croix gondola
- 3 chairlifts: Gaboureaux, Amoureux and Casserousse
• Chamrousse 1750 - Roche Béranger ski area:
- 3 chairlifts: Bachat-Bouloud, Bérangère and Arselle