FAQ Chamrousse Reservation: cancellation questions

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How to cancel my booking?

In case of cancellation, it's mandatory to inform the Booking Center in writing a letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the following postal address:
"Chamrousse Reservation" - 42, place de Belledonne - 38410 Chamrousse

The amount of the refund will be made according to the date of cancellation compared to the expected date of commencement of stay. Refer to section 9 of Chamrousse Reservation General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

What does cancellation insurance cover?

The cancellation insurance offered when you book accommodation by "Chamrousse Reservation" via the service provider Chapka Assurances is for an amount corresponding to 2.6% of the amount of your booking (accommodation and service, except booking fees and tourist tax).
It must be added to your file before your first payment.

Find the conditions covered by the Chapka cancellation insurance.


Which are the cancellation/refund conditions related to Covid 19 ?

Two possibilities to cancel your accommodation booking "Chamrousse Reservation" in case of Covid:
  • Serenity offer: is underwritten by the owners of the accommodation and assures you of being reimbursed for your accommodation (less than 40€ of application fee) in case of confinement or travel restriction, emanating from a government decision, making it impossible for you to come to Chamrousse.
  • Cancellation insurance by Chapka Assurances: subscribing to the cancellation insurance (2.6% of the total amount of the reservation) before the 1st payment of your reservation, it is the assurance that you will be able to cancel and be reimbursed for the amount of your accommodation in the event of a Covid-19 positive test result from one of the participants in the stay.

Can I cancel my stay if there is a new lockdown?

For all accommodations with the "Serenity Offer" (private advertisement) mention, you will be able to modify or cancel your stay (except 40€ booking fees + cancellation insurance) until the day of your arrival, if a decision emanating from a competent authority of the country and linked to the COVID-19 epidemic would not make it possible to go on holiday: confinement or travel restrictions.

For other accommodations that do not mention this offer (professional advertisements), you remain subject to the usual sales conditions.

Can I cancel my stay if I test positive for Covid?

The multi-risk cancellation insurance offered by Chapka Assurances at the time of booking covers you in the event that one of the participants in the trip tests positive for Covid.
Otherwise, you can also consult the terms of your personal insurance.