Downhill machines on mountain bike tracks

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Downhill machines

All-terrain scooters insiders: Trottmountain, Monster Bike, Arapaho, Trotix...
Only on green and blue tracks, where it is not necessary to lift the wheels off the ground.


  • "Tasse" track: 275m drop / 2.6km / Departure and arrival Chamrousse 1750
  • "Blanchon" track: 600m drop / 6,1km / Departure and arrival Chamrousse 1650


  • "Panoramique" track: 510m drop / 4.1km / Departure in Chamrousse 1650 - Arrival in Chamrousse 1750 - Bachat Bouloud
  • "Transhumance" track: 360m de drop / 2.9km / Departure in Chamrousse 1750 - Arrival in Chamrousse 1650 - La Croix gondola
  • "La Chamroussienne" track: 213m / 1.9km / Link between the other blue trails