Chamrousse La Croix planning project


The Croix de Chamrousse development project

Chamrousse resort has launch its development project to the summit called the Croix de Chamrousse in 2019 with MDP Consulting company.
Making this natural place, at 2250 meters high, a welcoming site where its touristic offer is diversified and enhanced is the goal. This is the opportunity to make our resort a four-seasons mountain destination in order to fits with new generations expectations while reinventing the classics.

This zone requalification program is about a global project of:

  • Mountain land use planning: a site planning with an Himalayan walking bridge, making part of other different walking paths as discovery courses
  • Discovery sites: belvederepic-nic area or even a panoramic terrace situated on the rooftop of a building.

This new Croix de Chamrousse experience will be axe on 3 points of view, highlighted the 360° panoramic view thanks to equipment creation (pic-nic terrace, museum, bridge…). This project is also including an educational dimension relating in particular to the geology of the site.

Chamrousse la Croix summit project rooftop picnic area pedestrian path mountain resort grenoble isere french alps france

A fabulous panorama

An important touristic element for the resort, the Croix de Chamrousse summit is a well-known and emblematic place. Provided with a beautiful panorama and an exceptional landscape, this site is accessible thanks to several lifts. On the East side of the summit, up to the via ferrata, an orientation table guide your eye until the Grandes Rousses, the Oisans and the Ecrins east side mountains.

Once the project in integrated in its natural environment, it is important to get a touristic planning strategy with the Mountain Ley and Natural 2000 natural and landscape conservation programs. Redesigned sites are restored by reseeding with a mix of local and adapted species.
Regenerate natural sites, while being protected and valorised, is the main goal of this high added value operation, mixing environmental and economic development measures.

Himalayan walking bridge

It is a Casserousse slope overhanging bridge installed and integrated to walking paths.
It will be around 120 meters long, 1.5 meters large and composed by 4 suspension cables.

The interest is to expend the accessibility offer around walking paths. The bridge is made to be connected with the Casserousse sector and its future belvedere on the Belledonne mountains. The natural site is too steep, and too difficult to access, to be open to the public.
That is why this bridge will be created, to make the walk more comfortable due to its steep slope.

Chamrousse la Croix summit project rooftop picnic area pedestrian path mountain resort grenoble isere french alps france

Walking paths

Two big loops with varied viewpoints and easy to go will start from the top of the Croix de Chamrousse gondolas.
The first one is a “discovery” loop and the second is a “panoramic” loop, both adapted to skiers, snowshoers and walkers flow and for strollers or mobility impaired visitors in summer.

Several steps will be proposed along these itineraries: pic-nic terrace, roof-top terrace on the forecast building, restaurant, belvedere and finally the Himalayan bridge.

Digital part

This development project for the top part of the resort will be accompanied by a 4-season mobile application, in connection with the "resort of the future" project. It will enrich the project with an informational and fun digital part through gamification and immersion.

In this Explor Games© produced by « Atelier nature », you will go on a journey through time via the Croix gondola for outdoor routes around varied and multi-temporal themes such as the Olympic Games, climate and weather, fauna and flora...
The application will be available from winter 2021-22.

Touristic offer diversification

This new and valuable project of the Croix de Chamrousse follow a certain eco-friendly tourism logic and permits to diversify winter and summer activities by doing:

  • Buildings restoration, by making valuable the former forecast building
  • Showcase large landscapes and panoramas with new equipment as a belvedere, orientation tables, touristic itineraries in order to canalise flows and protect nature or the fragile mountain ground.
  • Promoting mountain tourism for all, and specifically for families
  • Bring to the fore an innovative digital application to discover and acculturate the visitors about mountain environment by an educational and vibrant way.

Download the Croix de Chamrousse project release (only in French).