Resort access - car and parking

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The motorways leading to Grenoble:

  • A 48: LYON-GRENOBLE    

How to get to Chamrousse ?

When you are at Grenoble tollbooth, take the "Rocade Sud" (ring road). On the Rocade Sud, take exit n°2: "Uriage". In Uriage, you will find two roads to Chamrousse, either via "les Seiglières" (towards Chamrousse 1650), either via "le Luitel" (towards Chamrousse 1750).
The two parts of the resort are 2 km away.

In winter, it is highly recommended to be equipped with inter tyres to access the resort. Since November, 1st 2021 and the French mountain law, it is an obligation applicable each year from November, 1st to March, 31th.

Think about car pooling to get to Chamrousse!

Parking in Chamrousse

Where to park in Chamrousse? There are several free car parks in the resort:
In Chamrousse 1650 - Recoin: 4 free car parks
  • "Niverolles" parking (P8 more than 150 parking spaces): Niverolles square (950 meters from the alpine ski area and about 8 minutes on foot)
  • "Henry Duhamel" parking (P7): Henry Duhamel avenue (200 m from the alpine ski area and about 2 minutes on foot)
  • Parking near the gondola: Gaboureaux rise (100 m from the alpine area and about 1 minute on foot)
  • Parking in front of the Environment centre (about 60 parking spaces) : 680 Trolles road (300 m from the ski area and about 5 minutes on foot)
  • "Vernon" parking (P6 about 150 parking spaces): Vernon square (600 m from the ski area and about 9 minutes on foot)
  • Places along the D111B road

In Chamrousse 1750 - Roche Béranger: 3 free car parks
  • "Schuss des Dames" parking (P5): 865 Croisette street (100 meters from the ski area and about 2 minutes on foot)
  • "Croisette" parking (P4): 623 Croisette street (100 m from the alpine domain and about 2 minutes on foot)
  • Main car park (P3): 390 Père Tasse avenue (100 m from the ski area / shopping centre and about 2 minutes on foot)
  • Bachat-Bouloud parking: Bachat Bouloud street (50 m from the ski area and about 2 minutes on foot)

In Chamrousse 1600 - Arselle plateau: 2 free car parks in winter and 3 in summer
  • Arselle high parking (P2): Departmental road n°111 (D111) at the junction with the Salinière road (800 m from the Nordic area/Arselle plateau and about 10 minutes on foot)
  • Arselle low parking (P1) : road D111 (750 m domaine nordique/plateau Arselle and about 9 minutes on foot)
  • Arselle plateau car park (summer only): Salinière road (50 m from the Arselle plateau)

In Chamrousse 1700 - Villages du Bachat: free parking spaces along the road and in the residences.
In Chamrousse 1400 - Casserousse: car park (reserved for downhill skiing in winter).

There are also spaces for coaches and buses in some car parks:
  • Chamrousse 1650 - Recoin - Niverolles parking (P8): Niverolles square
  • Chamrousse 1650 - Recoin - Vernon parking (P6): Vernon square
  • Chamrousse 1750 - Roche Béranger - Main car park (P3 bis): Essendoles road (GPS coordinates 45.108848525272386, 5.874920426157905)
Plan parking station Chamrousse