Culinary heritage

Culinary heritage

France is known worldwide for its gastronomy and art of living.
In the mountains and in Chamrousse, it is also culinary specialities that delight our taste buds from starter to dessert. Discover the specialities of the ski resorts: when skiing rhymes with gastronomy!
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Mountain specialities

Local food and drink:
  • Cheese: "Bleu du Vercors-Sassenage", "Saint Félicien", "Saint Marcellin," and of course the classic Savoy cheeses such as "reblochon", "beaufort", "abondance"...
  • Charcuterie: sausage, "murçon" (from la Mûre / Matheysine) and "diots" (from Savoie)
  • Pasta: "ravioles" (from Royans or Romans), "crozet", "polenta"... to vary from the traditional potato
  • Alcohol (to be consumed in moderation): mulled wine, liqueur such as "Chartreuse" (like the name of the mountain) or "Génépi" (Savoie) and its variants such as "Green chaud" (a mixture of green Chartreuse and hot chocolate)
  • Fruit: blueberries (mountain berries)

Regional specialities

Local product par excellence, the Grenoble walnut and its variations will seduce you: kernels, cake, oil, wine, mustard...
It is a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) of the Isère and Drôme valleys.

Regional products :
  • Starter: walnut and cheese salad
  • Dishes: "gratin dauphinois" (French potato dish), "gratin de ravioles" (French pasta dish), mountain burger, but also the inevitable "tartiflette" (potato and cheese gratin) or "croziflette" (its variation with "crozets" pasta), raclette or "vercouline", (variation with local blue cheese) and "fondue" (night skiing + cheese fondue version in Chamrousse)
  • Dessert or snack: blueberry pie, blueberry pancake or waffle

And to put this appetizing menu into practice, we invite you to discover the restaurants and shops selling local products in Chamrousse.
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