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Tourism is recruiting: choose your job!

Do you want to see the country?

"Tourism refers to the activities undertaken by people during their travels and stays in places outside their usual environment for a consecutive period not exceeding one year, for leisure, business and other purposes"!
Source: World Tourism Organisation

To work where?

Local tourism stakeholders: Tourist Offices or Territorial Relays in tourist areas, Development Agencies or Departmental Tourism Committees in the main town of the department, Regional Tourism Committees in major towns, but also in activity providers, shops, accommodation, etc.

Top 6 reasons to work in tourism:

  • YOU GET TO SEE A LOT OF COUNTRY: the sector offers incredible travel opportunities. It's a sector that opens doors all over the world: you can do any job, anywhere...
  • A CHOICE OF OPPORTUNITIES: tourism gives you access to a wide variety of jobs in a wide variety of organisations. There's always a job for you, whatever your profile.
  • ON THE MOVE: jobs that involve action, in the field, and where you can develop your skills and career fairly easily.
  • WOW EFFECT: living and working environments, often with a view, unrivalled by many other professions.
  • CANON: you work for a 'product' that has meaning: a region, a place that has a soul, that tells a story, and you're proud of it!
  • SOUVENIRS, SOUVENIRS: it's a great way to develop yourself, meeting new people and experiencing new emotions, and it's a very rewarding job on a human level.

What kind of tourism job are you cut out for?

  • Are you curious, dynamic and like meeting people?
    Then choose ... a job in reception: for example, as a tourist advisor in a tourist office (welcoming visitors, providing information, fitting out premises to receive the public, updating and developing tourist information).
  • Are you dynamic, do you like meeting people and putting on a show?
    Then choose a career in the entertainment industry: tourism coordinator (reception, installation, security, organising events and building loyalty among holidaymakers).
  • Are you organised, detail-oriented and customer service-oriented?
    Choose a career in sales and advice: tourist reservation agent (handling reservation requests for accommodation rental and the purchase of services by telephone or e-mail, advising customers on the purchasing process by answering questions and selling options).
  • Do you like the idea of being an ambassador for a place or region and sharing your passion with others?
    Choose a career in communications and promotion: communications officer
  • Do you have the soul of a salesperson, do you like a challenge and do you have good negotiating skills?
    Choose a career in marketing: product and marketing project manager.
  • Do you like working in the field and want to build and support strategies?
    Choose... a career supporting service providers: tourism development officer
  • Are you Cartesian, analytical and patient?
    Choose a career in tourism observation: tourism research officer
  • Are you organised, rigorous and enjoy office work?
    Choose... the secretarial professions: administrative and accounting officer
  • Are you a natural leader with great organisational and team management skills?
    Choose... a career in management: director or manager of an organisation

In tourism, there's no routine!

Tourism can take many forms, depending on individual affinities:
#ecotourism: a focus on environmental education and mediation, for both natural and cultural heritage.
#slow tourism: the art of travelling while taking one's time, favouring a visitor experience close to nature and local people, and focusing on soft mobility.
#social tourism: providing access to leisure activities and holidays for all (low-income groups and people with disabilities).
#local tourism: discovering your own town and the surrounding area within a radius of around 100 km from your home.
#business tourism: all economic activities linked to individual or group travel for professional purposes.
#cultural tourism: discovering the cultural heritage and way of life of a region and its inhabitants (visits to natural sites, architectural tourism, but also religious tourism, gastronomic tourism, etc.).