Chamrousse road bike and electric bike

  • Vélo de route Chamrousse
  • Vélo de route Chamrousse
  • Vélo de route Chamrousse

Chamrousse, cycling destination!

Following the Tour de France stage in 2014, the ascent from Uriage-les-Bains to Chamrousse has now become a must!

The wooded landscapes and the viewpoint from Chamrousse pass, make it a key pass of Belledonne massif. Departing from Uriage (thermal resort located at 411m of altitude), Chamrousse 19.5km ascent among fir trees follows the itinerary of the Tour de France in 2014.

The arrival at 1795m of altitude offers a unique view of the Vercors and Chartreuse mountain ranges, Grenoble and the surrounding valleys.

Chamrousse ascent is equipped with milestones.
Download Timtoo application to time yourself (*free on the first month of use)


Chamrousse cycling ascent

  • Total distance: 19.5 km
  • Altitude of departure: 411 m
  • Altitude of arrival: 1795 m    
  • Difference in height: 1384 m
  • % average: 7%
  • % max: 9.3%

Experienced cyclists can tackle the sporty ascent!
Meet in July for the cycling ascent and the timed mythical ascent from Uriage to Chamrousse on the tracks of the Tour de France.