Farms near Chamrousse

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Belledonne farms

At the heart of the Belledonne mountain range, in a wonderful setting, hop from one farm to the other to get to know the farmers and their exciting job. They will invite to taste the mountain flavours.
By choosing their products, you help the locals maintain the quality of the natural and scenic heritage.

Book your visits in a few click in our local farms: wine, cheese, honey, ice-creams...
In family or among friends, find the farm that suits you best on "Bienvenue à la ferme" website
(caution only in French).

Would you like to rediscover the good taste and simple pleasures of life on a farm?
We'd be delighted to show you our products and welcome you to our
and welcome you to our farms for an unforgettable experience. Discover the milking of cows, wake up to the crowing of the rooster and feast on the finest local produce... For for a few days or a few hours, come and enjoy the pleasures of life the pleasures of life on the farm.

Behind every one of our products is a committed farmer committed farmer who is happy to share his or her know-how and show you behind the scenes of their farm. They welcome you to their farms by appointment or at an open day.

We look forward to welcoming you! Fruit, vegetables, meat, wine, cheese...
in just a few clicks you can find the addresses of the producers in your area
to meet them and buy their farm produce on the spot.
Enjoy the simple pleasures of life on a farm: holidays, leisure and eating out
You're welcome to live and eat farmhouse in Isère!

Uriage farms

Ferme de Loutas

Seasonal vegetables, organic eggs and gîte
Points of sale: direct farm sales and markets / Address: 220 chemin de Loutas - le Pinet, 38410 Saint-Martin-d'Uriage / -

Farm / GAEC d'Allicoud

Organic bread, flour and pasta, brioches and cookies and visit/animation with the Champs d'accueil association
Points of sale: producers' stores and market / Address: 54 chemin du Murier, 38410 Saint-Martin-d'Uriage / -

Poulette à Facettes

Organic eggs and mushrooms
Points of sale: direct sales by appointment, producers' stores and Association for the preservation of peasant agriculture (AMAP) / Address: 1300 chemin des Ronzettes, 38410 Saint-Martin-d'Uriage / Garance Rey: -

Taste of plants

Herbal products, reception and botanical walks
Points of sale: markets / Address: route de Prépinet, 38410 Saint-Martin-d'Uriage / Caroline Legoût : 06 83 00 71 78 - -

Clos de Martin

Red mountain fruits, jams and jellies (raspberries, blackberries, bilberries, cranberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants, strawberries, depending on the season)
Points of sale: direct sales by appointment and producers' stores / Address: 120 pas de la Breduire, 38410 Saint-Martin-d'Uriage / Guillaume Hug: -

Other: meat sales
- Ferme / GAEC de la Grivolée: lamb meat to order / 103 chemin de la Grivolée, 38410 Saint-Martin-d'Uriage / 04 76 89 77 81 -
- Ferme / GAEC des Meynards: beef, lamb and kid meat to order / 177 chemin des Meynards, 38410 Vaulnaveys-le-Bas / 06 72 94 32 27 -
- Ferme / GAEC des Sorbiers: meat and cheese to order / 3953 route de Montchaffrey, 38410 Vaulnaveys-le-Bas / 06 85 40 46 82 -

Nearby farms

Farm / GAEC Jardins épicés tout

Vegetables, fruit, eggs, processed products and lacto-fermented vegetables
Points of sale: farm store and market / Address: 967 chemin des terres, 38320 Herbeys / 04 76 98 02 65 -

Farm / GAEC du Thicaud

Dairy products, meat, charcuterie and buckwheat flour
Points of sale: producer's store and markets / Address: 977 Chemin de Pragard, 38320 Herbeys / 04 76 73 65 60 - -

Farm / GAEC Bermotine

Dairy products, meat, eggs and fruit
Points of sale: direct sales at the farm, producer's store, organic store, AMAP and market / Address: 400 chemin de Montperret, 38410 Vaulnaveys-le-Haut / -

Ronde des légumes

Organic vegetables and honey
Points of sale: direct sales and market / Address: 89 avenue d'Uriage, 38410 Vaulnaveys-le-Haut / 06 22 99 77 23 -
Chamrousse farm proximity summer mountain resort belledonne grenoble isere french alps france

Ferme Caresse et Caline

Address: 387 route du Merger, 38420 Revel
Ice cream made with milk from our cows and fruit from the orchard - Cottage cheese - Snacks at the farm - Educational and discovery farm
Points of sale: direct sales at the farm and local shops
Anne-Sophie Cosson: 06 85 63 02 08 - -

Ferme des Bichet

1130 route du Mont, 38420 Revel
Veal and beef - Farm visits by prior arrangement
Points of sale: direct sale at the farm and parcels to order
06 28 40 34 44 - -

Ferme des Saisons

Address: 25 rue des barrières, 38420 Muriannette
Seasonal fruit and vegetables - Educational farm
Point of sale: direct producer sales
Bernard et Kévin Perrot: 06 56 68 23 66 - -
Chamrousse farm proximity summer mountain resort belledonne grenoble isere french alps france

La Ferme des Maquis

Address: 165 route des maquis, 38400 St Martin d'Hères
Goat's cheese and dairy products
Points of sale: direct sales at the farm, at markets and in producers' shops
Mélanie Sillans-Maced : 07 66 29 72 73 - -


Address: 117 Rue des Alliés, 38100 Grenoble
Honey and beehive products
Points of sale: direct sales at your Ma Coop shop (661 route de Chambéry, 38330 St Ismier), at markets and online.
Benjamin Duffort: 06 64 31 68 59 - -

Local producer stores

  • Herbe et Coquelicot: 14 chemin de Villard, 38320 Herbeys - 09 84 58 48 23 -
  • Combe Gourmande: 1600 route de Gières, 38410 Saint-Martin d'Uriage - 04 76 54 05 87 -
  • Manabio : 1530 route de Gières, 38410 Saint-Martin d'Uriage - 04 76 82 09 93