Family Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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Where can I rent a pushchair or a pulka?

Rental only in the resort's sports shops + "Familib" loan of pushchairs and baby carriers from the Tourist Offices (limited quantities).
Also see the sports shops renting toboggan-strollers in Chamrousse.

Where to rent or find a stroller or a baby carrier?

Rental in the resort's sports shops and loan of strollers and a baby carrier at the Chamrousse 1650 Tourist Office - Recoin with deposit by check (reservation only because of a limited quantity). Also see sports shops renting strollers and / or baby carriers in Chamrousse.

Can I go up to Chamrousse with my baby?

Yes, you can go to the mountains with a healthy infant. However, to protect your young child from possible earache due to the difference in atmospheric pressure in altitude, we recommend that you take breaks to perform one or more “decompression” stops of approximately 10 minutes uphill and downhill. For information, there is a minimum of 1,400 meters in altitude between the valley and the resort of Chamrousse.

Can my baby take the Chamrousse gondola?

No, it's not recommended to take the gondola with a child under 18 months old because the eardrums of newborns are fragiles and the gondola cannot take a break during the 600 meters of vertical drop in one go (start 1650m - finish 2250m).

Where can I find a changing area / changing table?