Chamrousse Tourist Office presentation

Chamrousse tourist office


A tourist office existed since 1952 (creation of the cable car). It was a small chalet opposite the Chamois building.
The Chamrousse Tourist Office was created in 1961 and the first tourist documents date from this period. The collective ministerial decree n°69-685 dated 18 June 1969 classified Chamrousse as a "winter sports and mountaineering resort".
The commune of Chamrousse was created in 1989. Before this date, the different parts of the resort belonged to different (Vaulnaveys-le-Haut and Saint-Martin-d'Uriage cities). The directors of the Office were also the directors of the resort, which explains the mixed syndicate.
From the register of staff arrivals and departures started in 1975, we learn that at that time the president of the Tourist Office was the mayor of "Saint-Martin-d'Uriage" city, Mr. Pierre Osella.
The Tourist Office obtained the status of EPIC ("Etablissement Public à Caractère Industriel et Commercial") in 1997, under the management of Mr. Christian Rochette.


  • Development of tourism promotion and the image of the resort
  • Coordinating the work of the various tourism development partners
  • Disseminating information about accommodation, shops, activities and services
  • Setting up and marketing tourist products and services
  • Developing and improving the tourist offer in relation to the requirements of French and foreign customers
  • Development of local tourism policy
  • Organisation of activities and events
  • Development of tourist communication media


For 50 years the Tourist Office has been working for Chamrousse and it takes a lot of people to help you discover all the assets of the resort! From information to graphic design, from animation to communication and web, from booking to accounting, the jobs within the team are different but not the same.
Organigramme Office de Tourisme de Chamrousse
★ Christopher Hardy, Director
★ Stéphanie Angelier, administrative manager

★ Adeline David, booking centre manager
★ Farouka Julien, booking agent
+ seasonal reinforcement

★ Fanny Bellier, reception and quality manager
★ Cindy Guimet, holiday advisor
+ seasonal reinforcements

★ Richard Llorca, entertainment manager
+ seasonal reinforcements

★ Yohann Vincent, partenariat

★ Chloé Halot, social networks and press relations
★ Elise Margail, web
★ Sylvain Darcillon, webmarketing
★ Céline Arlaud, graphic design