Chamrousse Bike Park

Bike Park

Chamrousse Bike Park: 2 lifts and 7 MTB tracks for downhill/enduro biking and all-terrain scooters insiders:

  • 2 green for beginners
  • 2 blue for insiders
  • 1 red for confirmed bikers
  • 2 black tracks for experts

And also, 6 marked loops dedicated to cross-country bike, enduro mountain bike and electric bike. From 5 to 13km long, they allow a sporting and/or assisted practice: leaflet available with Chamrousse tracks.
Electric mountain bike allowed in La Croix gondola for MTB tracks access (but not allowed in Bachat-Bouloud chairlift due to the bike weight).

Downhill level

  • Easy / Green: special skills are not required. However, you must have used your mountain bike before.
  • Average / Blue: you must have some practical experience in mountain biking and know the basics of balance.
  • Red - Black / Difficult - Very difficult: you must have some experience in downhill biking on uneven tracks with roots, natural steps, steep slopes and jumps. You should be able to master this kind of obstacles.


Chamrousse-Uriage downhill track

From Chamrousse 1650, take the pedestrian/MTB track and ride down to Uriage (for confirmed bikers). The way Uriage-Chamrousse is possible by bus (Transisère 6010).


These tracks are for mountain biking only. The practice is free and not supervised: the route is done under your own responsibility.
The tracks may be slippery by wet or very dry conditions and the rain reduces greatly the grip. You must check that your equipment is in good working order.
Helmets are obligatory, gloves and protective gear (elbow guards, knee pads and spine armour) are strongly recommended.
You must always control your speed and your path when riding your bike. Avoiding the other bikers and the surrounding objects is your responsibility. Never stop on a route if you are blocking the way or if you cannot be seen by the other bikers.
Don't forget you are crossing pastures. Respect the flock of sheep by controlling your speed!