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Metal box with Chamrousse badget 2 colors: blue or green (⚠ caution stock shortage: green, victim of its own success) Only available in Chamrousse Tourist Offices2€ for one item
Special book fo the 130th anniversary of mountain troops. Only available in Chamrousse Tourist Offices35€ for one item - Special price 25€
Privatised Spa for groups You are a group of at least 10 people and you want to spend a good time at the Spa of Chamrousse, book on the date that suits you! Off-season: summer -> May and June from 2pm to 7pm (except from 22nd  to 31st of May 2019) / winter -> September to November. Season: winter -> December to April/ summer -> July and August. From 16 years old. Price: 25€ per person. The Spa includes a 54m² swimming pool, 2 jacuzzis, 2 saunas, 2 hammams and a large relaxation area with herbal tea.   Spa Les Flocons Chamrousse Phone: +33 (4) 76 62 02 08 / +33 (6) 75 85 10 69 Mail: spalesfloconsdechamrousse@gmail.com Website: www.spachamrousse.fr (only in French)  
Chamrousse fabric mask with "Chamrousse Mountain Park" logotype Blue - 2 adult sizes available Accessory to limit condensation with glasses. Wash the mask before using and do it everyday. Polyester mask not certified and standardized, it don't protect from COVID-19 but can limit contamination. Only available in Chamrousse Tourist Offices  6€ for one item
USB stick - Chamrousse logo 2 designs: new gondola or old cable car Capacity: 16 GB Only available in Chamrousse Tourist Offices12€ for one item
For summer 2020, the come back of the Estibus! How to come to Chamrousse this summer? The summer bus line 707 takes you from Grenoble to Chamrousse every day from July, 4th until August, 30th 2020. From Verdun square, in the heart of Grenoble, the Estibus serves the 3 destinations of Chamrousse: the Recoin in Chamrousse 1650, Roche Béranger in Chamrousse 1750 and the Plateau de l 'Arselle (Nordic Park) in Chamrousse 1600. In addition, it is accessible with your travel ticket of Grenoble (TAG) from Grenoble area (Grenoble / Gières / Venon) or with your TouGo travel ticket from and for Gresivaudan (St Martin d'Uriage / Chamrousse only). You can buy a ticket only by sms by sending: "1H" to 93 123 and receive your TAG ticket for 1,60€ OR "1G" to 93 123 and receive your TouGo ticket for 1€. Mountain bike and paraglider allowed in the hold. Wearing the mask in the bus is compulsory. Main stops and timetables Chamrousse direction: • Grenoble - Verdun square: 7:40am and 10:40am • Gières - Tram and train station: 7:55am and 10:55am • St Martin d'Uriage - Uriage railway station (Tourist Office): 8:05am and 11:05am • St Martin d'Uriage - Seiglières: 8:20am and 11:20am • Chamrousse - Recoin (1650): 8:40am and 11:40am • Chamrousse - Roche Béranger (1750): 8:50am and 11:50am • Chamrousse - Arselle Plateau (1650): 8:55am and 11:55am Grenoble direction: • Chamrousse - Plateau de l 'Arselle (1650): 2:15pm and 5:15pm • Chamrousse - Roche Béranger (1750): 2:20pm and 5:20pm • Chamrousse - Recoin (1650): 2:30pm and 5:30pm • St Martin d'Uriage - Seiglières: 14h50 and 17h50 • St Martin d'Uriage - Uriage railway station (Tourist Office): 3:05pm and 6:05pm • Gières - Tram and train station: 3:15pm and 6:15pm • Grenoble - Verdun square: 3:30pm and 6:30pm More information on the Grenoble mobility website (only in French) and on the leaflet with the schedules to download (in French).
Wood-look lanyard - I ❤ Chamrousse Use of lanyards: hold badges, ID’s or even keys without attaching anything to clothing Only available in Chamrousse Tourist Offices2€ for one item
Hiking stars A medal in summer too! Showing us a picture taken during their hike, courageous little walkers will be awarded a diploma with their name. Stars on sale (2€ at the Tourist Offices) to wear proudly on the backpack. BRONZE STAR: lake Vallons. SILVER STAR: lake Achard. GOLD STAR: lakes Robert. GREEN FLAKE: if you collect rubbish found during your hike. 2€ for one item
Vintage Mug Chamrousse Glazed mug with individual box 2 colors: blue and green – contains 240ml - dishwasher safe Available only at the Tourist Offices of Chamrousse from the end of July.8€ for a item
New in 2017: Grenoble-Alpes Métropole Pass, move, explore, discover! This Pass is a unique and essential tool, which allows you to compose freely your program of visits and activities! What is the Grenoble-Alpes Métropole Pass?  20 sites included for free in your Pass, the must of the destination and its surroundings: the Grenoble-Bastille Cable-car, the Museum of Grenoble, the Caves of Chartreuse... Get discounts in more than 10 sites and shops Choose the duration of validity according to your trip: 24, 48 or 72 hours. (24h sold at Tourist Ofiice Chamrousse) Public transportation in the metropolis included Easy to use Buy your Pass online for vacations to come, or to offer it as a gift!
Special apron of the Wine-makers event in Chamrousse Color: blue Only available in Chamrousse Tourist Offices 16€ for one item - Special offer 13€
Black cap with blue and white Chamrousse Mountain Park logo. Baseball cap look - curved peak - fastening and width-adjustable with Velcro. Only available in Chamrousse Tourist Offices15€ for one item
Week of the little mountain dweller package: arts and circus Book your summer holiday with "Chamrousse en Piste" and "Petit montagn’Arts en Piste" events with your family. On the program: circus activities, sports and nature for young and old. Acommodation (studio) + 1 activity + barbecue evening: from 60€ by person (on the base of 2 adults and 2 children) Acommodation (small chalet) + 1 activity + barbecue evening: from 107€ by person (on the base of 2 adults and 2 children) Contact: Chamrousse Booking Centre (accommodation) Tél: +33 (0)4 76 59 01 01 Email: reservation@chamrousse.com
Multicolored fabric wristband - I ❤ Chamrousse Tie: black plastic clip Only available in Chamrousse Tourist Offices2€ for one item
Magnet - Chamrousse symbolic slope sign 4 colours: green: Bachat-Bouloud (child village slope) blue: Crêtes (panoramic slope and night skiing slope) red: Schuss des dames (1968 Olympic games slope) noir : Casserousse (1968 Olympic games slope) Only available in Chamrousse Tourist Offices1€ for one item
You can benefit from a 50% discount on the Chamrousse minigolf entrance fee, if you experience one of the following Chamrousse activities: Watercolor walk, Well-being walk and Morning wake-up by Isabelle Bronner Canyoning, climbing, orienteering GPS, guided hike, electric MTB ride, zip line, guided via ferrata and waterline by Guide service office Crazy jump, frisbee golf, tennis and archery by Chamrousse Oxygène Quad bike by GTR Mountain Tree adventure park by Alté Chamrousse Poney riding by the riding stable Poney Cheval Nature at the Arselle. Mountain bike, cross-country bike, scooter by MCF biking school "Sgambato Mountain Activities" Spa and pool by Les Flocons Chamrousse Discount on presentation of the stamped card at the time of purchase in the Tourist Office.  
Key ring with token trolley and karabiner - I ❤ Chamrousse 4 colours: blue, green, red and purple Only available in Chamrousse Tourist Offices2€ for one item
Wooden USB stick - Chamrousse logo Capacity: 8 GB Only available in Chamrousse Tourist Offices9€ for one item
Pen with Chamrousse logotype. Ballpoint metallized pen with blue ink. Matt chrome finish.2€ for one item
Embroidered thermobinding badge of Chamrousse 2 blue versions: Chamrousse Mountain Park / Community5€ for one item
PRE-SALE OF WINTER SKIPASSES Buy your winter ski pass from July and get incredible discount as well as a free pass for next summer! July: -40% to -60% August: -25% to -40% September: -20% to -30% From October: normal price How to do it? Recharge your passes online (credit card payment) on ski.chamrousse.com (from July to September only) Download your "winter 2020-21 purchase order" (only in French) and send your documents and payment by post         OR Bring your documents and pay at Chamrousse sales point (Please not that you will get a receipt but the pass will not be delivered immediately. It will be sent by post from September)
Tribe Pack offer Pedestrian and MTB passes Get 10 % discount on your pass: Starting on 4 paying people One single payment Does not apply on season pass / No additional discount can be applied Sale on Ticket Office only
Special Chamrousse soap, locally produced by "Doux voyage" soap factory in Chamrousse 1650 Essential oils of mint and verbena. Made according to the traditional saponification method and with products from organic production. Vegan and not tested on animals. Only available in Chamrousse Tourist Offices and Doux voyage soap factory  6,70€ for one item