Resort places

Chamrousse 1650 - Recoin

Departure point for hikes with itineraries leading to Lakes Robert, Aiguille, Col de Balme, la Croix de Chamrousse, la Pra refuge…
This is also the main access to via ferrata “Lakes Robert” and “3 fontaines”.
On this side of the resort, the downhill biking tracks are technical (black) and not recommended for beginners (prefer the tracks in Chamrousse 1750).

La Croix gondola is the lift that gives you quick access to the top of the resort by mountain bike or on foot. It is open during summer holidays and at week-ends in June and September (depending on weather conditions).

Drinking water points: public toilets in the centre of the resort (next to the Skipass office) and at the playground of the Grenouillère (next to the Vernon building).

Chamrousse 1750 - Roche Béranger / Chamrousse 1700 - Villages du Bachat

Main departure point for hikes leading to Lake Achard, Lake Vallons and Croix de Chamrousse.
The downhill biking tracks are easy to intermediate (green, blue and red) for a fun and sporty practice (downhill machines allowed).

Bachat Bouloud chairlift is the lift open in summer for mountain bikers and hikers.

Drinking water points:
  • Chamrousse 1750: next to the Town hall, to the Chamrousse Kids playground, in the public toilets next to the cinema and next to the Bachat-Bouloud chairlift.
  • Chamrousse 1700: in the public toilets of Bachat Villages.

Chamrousse 1600 - Plateau de l'Arselle

This area is a peatbog, classified Natura 2000 (wetland composed of a peat), where you can hike, either around it or to Lake Achard, and discover the specific flora of this 25-hectare with an exceptional view of the Taillefer and go for a horse or poney ride.
Guided visits of this sensitive natural space are offered in the summer by nature guides of the Isere department.

Chamrousse 2250 - Croix de Chamrousse

Drinking water points in the public toilets.

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