7 natural wonders

Chamrousse Mountain Park, a unique natural heritage for outdoor activities to protect and respect

Discover style
Seiglières swamp for hiking and fishing
Arselle plateau for horse-riding, e-bike and cross-country mountain bike activities
Achard lake for hiking in family
Croix of Chamrousse, for hiking and MTB downhill with a panoramic view

Sport style
Oursière waterfall for a refreshing hike or trail
Robert lakes, for hiking on the doorstep of the hight mountains
GR®738 footpath between Chamrousse and la Pra mountain refuge

All details about this unique natural heritage of Chamrousse and activities associated below:
Ingénie criteria Chamrousse - autre altitude 7 merveilles naturelles
The Seiglières, a protected educational site. On the road that leads to Chamrousse, a small quiet pond hides at more than 1000 meters above sea level in the heart of the Seiglières forest.
Ingénie criteria Chamrousse 2250 7 merveilles naturelles
La Croix, one of the largest lookouts in the Alps Accessible by foot or via La Croix gondola from the resort of Chamrousse 1650, it offers one of the most impressive panorama of the Belledonne range and Grenoble valley.
Ingénie criteria Chamrousse - autre altitude 7 merveilles naturelles
Hike GR®738 from Chamrousse to the Pra shelter, nothing to envy to the greatest routes of great trekking! Discover the beautiful and more or less secret mountain lakes on the 10th stage of the GR®738 : Léama, Longet, Bernard, Claret ...
Ingénie criteria Chamrousse - autre altitude 7 merveilles naturelles
Within a mineral setting, these deep blue lakes are easily accessible by gondola.The Robert lakes, four of them, are located 1998 metres of altitude, they occupy on about 28 hectares the bottom of a natural circus. They are surrounded by the Petit Van (2 439 metres), the Grand Van (2 448 metres) and the Grand Sorbier (2 526 metres) summits. In summer, you can fish rainbow trouts and arctic chars in the lakes. In winter, you can go ice-diving and discover a ski slope and a ski lift called the same. In winter, they remain frozen and snow-covered. The site is also part of Natura 2000 network on 2 677 hectares and called "Pine wood, lawn, lakes and peatlands of Belledonne, from Chamrousse to the Grand colon".
Ingénie criteria Chamrousse - autre altitude 7 merveilles naturelles
The Achard lake, a touch of the Canadian Rocky Mountains Beautiful mountain lake located 1917 metres high, easily accessible in summer via a little hike from Chamrousse 1750 (Roche-Béranger).This lake has a special charm with its harmonious configuration, well visible from the Infernet pass and the Croix de Chamrousse. You can discover it by hiking, walking or snowshoeing in winter. It consists of a main lake in the form of small filling lakes (the exact name is Achard Lakes). In fine weather, you will have an exceptional view of the Taillefer mountain. The Achard Lake is part of the Sensitive Natural Space (ENS) "Arselle Plateau and Achard Lake". It is also located in Natura 2000 area. Thus fire, wood gathering, camping, flower gathering, fishing and swimming (even the dogs) are strictly forbidden (punishable by fine). Dogs must be kept on leash. The bivouac is allowed from sunset to sunrise (except during July and August). Thank you for staying on the trails to preserve these fragile environments.
Ingénie criteria Chamrousse - autre altitude 7 merveilles naturelles
The Oursière waterfall, the natural power of water. The Oursière waterfall is very impressive with its 80 metres height.
Ingénie criteria Chamrousse 1600 7 merveilles naturelles
The Arselle plateau, a little Canada touch. A peatland and a plateau, it is the Plateau de l'Arselle in Chamrousse. This wooded setting is bordered by the Taillefer mountain and a wind of freedom blows there.A natural area to respect, protect and discover as you desire by horse, walking, by mountain bike to practice on the dedicated trails. The Arselle Plateau is part of the Sensitive Natural Space (ENS) "Arselle Plateau and Achard Lake" as well as the Natura 2000 area. Thus fire and camping are strictly forbidden (punishable by fine).