Natural and cultural heritage

Ingénie criteria Chamrousse 1750
The Père Tasse refuge has now become a mountain restaurant named "Le Malamute".
Ingénie criteria Chamrousse 1650 Développement durable Tout public Gratuit
Ingénie criteria
Accessible via the gondola from the resort, it offers one of the most impressive panoramas of the Belledonne range. Information signs about the geology and a viewpoint indicator supplement the walk. Return possible via lake Achard.
Ingénie criteria
Beautiful mountain lake located 1917 metres high, easily accessible in summer via a little hike from Chamrousse 1750 (Roche-Béranger).
Ingénie criteria Chamrousse 1700
Bachat-Bouloud totems (1961-1962) are coloured sculptures. You can still see today a giant totem marking the entrance of Bachat-Bouloud sector (Chamrousse 1700) and two little totems.
Ingénie criteria
The Oursière waterfall is very impressive with its 80 metres height. Easily accessible walking from the road D 111. You can stop at the parking area located after the Seiglières hostel.
Ingénie criteria
Within a mineral setting, these deep blue lakes are easily accessible by gondola.
Ingénie criteria Chamrousse 1600
A vast pan-shaped clearing, crossed by La Salinière stream. Given its heritage value, this site is part of Natura 2000 network.
  • Classifications :
    • Sensitive natural areas Spanish
Ingénie criteria Chamrousse 1650 Développement durable Tout public Gratuit Groupe
The chalet of Recoin in Chamrousse, former refuge of the French Alpine Club (CAF) and 1st guarded refuge of France since 1911, has been rehabilitated in the Environment and heritage Centre of Chamrousse with a reception and exhibition space.
Ingénie criteria Chamrousse 1650
The "Chalet du Recoin" in Chamrousse was, at first, the mountain refuge of the French Alpine Club (FAC). It is now rehabilitated into the Maison de l'Environnement, with its reception hall and exhibition area.
Ingénie criteria Chamrousse 1750
Place of catholic and protestant worship (high and low chapel, linked by skylight), the structure was built in 1967 (architect : Jomain, sculptor : Szekely ; painter : Arcabas) demonstrates a real architecture of plastic sign.
Ingénie criteria Chamrousse 1650
"Notre-Dame-sous-la-Croix" chapel is the second building constructed in Chamrousse, the first being the CAF chalet.