Natura 2000 survey

Chamrousse Achard lake

"Natura 2000" survey

Local survey by the Isère department, in order to understand summer touristic practictises in the following natural areas (only in French):
  • Chamrousse: Robert and Achard lakes, Arselle plateau, La Croix de Chamrousse and others points of interest
  • Freydières Revel: Crozet and Domenon lake, Grand Colon La Pra and others spots
Lots of prizes to win! Goodies, free access to the Chamrousse Kids inflatable playground, vouchers for summer activities (zip line, via ferrata, tree adventure park), passes for the lifts, meals.

What is a Natura 2000 site?
It is a natural or half-natural site which has a high heritage importance because of its exceptionnal fauna and flora. Theses are enhanced and preserved by the European Union programme.