Bébert climbing site


Bébert climbing site
Chamrousse 2250
  • Spoken language(s) :
    • French


Open in September 2019, Bébert is the longest and the most runout route of Lacs Robert.
Even if it's very long, you have to be very fast to do the round trip by gondola in a day. So, privilege a bivouac or strat very early

Approach :
From Lacs Robert or the gondola, go to the Col des Lessine, then you'll find Escombailles track, just overhead Escombailles lake. This track continu in direction of Romanche valley to the Est, during 30min. Sometimes, the track disapear under grass and rocks. Before a steep scree, you'll find 2 stone pillar on the left. The Bébert's start is before scree.

Return :
By Vans's track in direction of Lacs Robert

Operational informations :
* start altitude : 2076 m.
* GPS point : 45°7’29,85’’ N, 5°55’52’’ E /
UTM 31 X :730528 Y : 5001009
* Ascending elevation : 280 m / 13 longueurs
* Total elevation : 400 m
* 11 Quickdraw
* Equipement : about 80 spits 10 mm
* Mountain rock climbing
* Sometimes rock broken on summit

Detai :
L1 : 5c Little wall and belay stance overhead of junipers
L2 : Ledgde in junipers
L3 : 5c Go left up and go on the left in North face
L4 : 5b Steep wall on the right
L5 : 3 Easy climb, trought of trees, belay stance on little ledgde
L6 : 5c In steep wall 10 points
L7 : 5c Slab and slim pillar, 8 points
L8 : 5a Funny little longer
L9 : 5c Big longer, belay stance under an overhang
L10 : Very steep wall A0 (French free) on 3 points and 5c free 6a or + 5 points. And grass ridge
L11 : Easy ledgde
L12 : 5b Slim ridge, go on the left and right, 5 points
L13 : 5b Fllow the ridge on the left, 6 points
Out by a corridor by walking until the summit Le Petit Vans
Période d'OuvertureFrom 01/06 to 30/09.


    Free access.
    Site d'escalade les Lacs Robert : Bébert
    Chamrousse 2250
    GPS coordinates
    Latitude : 45.124958
    Longitude : 5.931111
    • Criteres internes :
      • Chamrousse 2250
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